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Positive and negative effects of the sun on the skin

Effetti positivi e negativi del sole sulla pelle

With the warm season we can't wait to leave the house and spend free time outdoors. It is no mystery that the sun influences our mood and that its disappearance or its appearance can turn our days for the worse or better. As you can easily guess, the sun can have beneficial effects at the same time but also expose us to serious risks. Knowing both consequences of sun exposure can be of great help in understanding how to get from the sun only the best it has to offer.

Below in this article you will find out more about the positive and negative effects of the sun on the skin.

Positive effects of the sun on the skin 

Positive effects of the sun: Vitamin D

Among the major benefits of sun exposure, there is undoubtedly the stimulation of the production of vitamin D. The latter is linked not only to the health of the skin, but also of our entire body. With regard to the latter aspect, several studies have shown that sun exposure is essential to prevent unpleasant episodes of heart attack and even "lengthen" one's life by a couple of years. 

As for the skin, on the other hand, the stimulation of vitamin D production is essential to ensure the health and integrity of the skin's hydrolipidic film, which guarantees optimal levels of nutrition and hydration. The proliferation of cells in the outermost layer of the epidermis helps to make the complexion much healthier and brighter.

The good news is that it would seem that only 30 minutes of exposure a day is enough to benefit from all the positive effects of the sun on our skin and body!

Positive effects of the sun: Tanning 

Who wouldn't want to have a healthy, luminous and golden complexion every day of the year? Obviously, during the summer, obtaining this result is much easier. 

To sunbathe without suffering the negative effects of sun exposure, it is important to follow some important rules: 

  • never do "full immersion", but prefer limited exposure but constant over time
  • always use a sunscreen that protects from dangerous rays, ensuring in any case that the tan is obtained in all respects.

Negative effects of the sun on the skin 

Negative effects: melanoma risk 

Melanoma is one of the most common types of cancer, especially among people with very fair complexions. Again however, to prevent this problem sometimes just following a few recommendations:

  • always protect yourself with a cream that contains protective factors that shield you from the sun's rays. 
  • avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours of the day 
  • reapply sunscreen continuously throughout the day, in order to ensure constant protection during sun exposure
  • avoid sunburn in childhood

Negative effects: Premature skin aging 

Over the years, research has repeatedly shown that 90% of skin aging cases are due to uncontrolled exposure to UV rays. When skin aging is precisely caused by these factors, we speak of photoaging. 

Damage to the skin due to a lack of protection from the sun's rays therefore affects both the health and the aesthetic appearance of the skin. If the skin is not adequately protected on the hottest days in which sun exposure occurs, the skin may be drier, duller and with much more pronounced fine lines. The result is decidedly unsightly. 

If in the summer you don't want to give up a perfect but light make-up, and at the same time you want to guarantee protection from the risks of the sun's rays, BBIOME SPF30 is the right solution: moisturizing and smoothing bb cream and a powerful shield against UVA-UVB rays!

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