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About us


Our history 


Concilium, the force of nature combined with the power-up of science.

How many times, faced with a blemish, have you thought about looking for a product with natural ingredients? 

How many times, however, once you have tried a product with natural ingredients, have you been disappointed by its lack of effectiveness? 

Nature is the answer to many questions, the effective and reliable solution for the well-being and beauty of the person. In fact, nature offers us every day what we need for perfect skin and thick, long hair.


But what if we combined the power of scientific research and innovation with the power of nature? 


Concilium is the perfect meeting between these two worlds: nature and science. A powerful meeting, a sublime meeting, from which products with guaranteed effectiveness arise, designed for everyone, both men and women, without distinction. 

So we did it, we combined the best natural ingredients with innovation and scientific knowledge. To do this we chose packaging with bold and bold colours. 


Really effective products thanks to the combined action of natural ingredients and that component of research and innovation necessary to guarantee total effectiveness of the products!

Young, effective, inclusive. 

 Discover all the power of the meeting between science and nature and be amazed by the visible results you will obtain.

Our daily commitment to guaranteeing high quality products and processes has been recognized and rewarded through two important certifications obtained in June 2024: ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.