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Its innovative soothing complex calming gives immediate relief to the skin. Thanks to the combined action of glycyrrhetic acid combined action of glycyrrhetic acid


Apply evenly to wet scalp and hair. Massage and rinse.

Tinted day cream that combines the benefits of dermo-cosmetic care with make-up, creating a semi-covering film that moisturizes, protects, corrects imperfections and evens out the complexion.

In addition to the specific ingredients for this line, useful for the diversification of the skin microbiota with redensifying action, it is enriched with UVA – UVB filters, Glycyrrhetic acid, useful for limiting redness, Hyaluronic Acid and Allantoin, anti-reddening and restorative.

Excellent applied alone, it performs an effective moisturizing and anti-aging action, with a more homogeneous and luminous finish. Excellent in combination with Concilium DAY BIOME for an intensive moisturizing action.