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I must say that they surprised me with their ability, not so much to erase blemishes such as cellulite or orange peel skin (they would be miraculous and we know that miracles in this field do not exist), but to improve skin quality and above all by reducing the roughness of the skin of the legs (prune effect). - BANDAGES


I used these bandages before a wedding and my legs were actually significantly more deflated and they also felt lighter, so they are approved for me. - PARTY READY

Valentina H.

Lately I see that many body bandages have been created, I decided to try these and I was pleasantly satisfied. I know very well that to avoid water retention and cellulite you can only exercise and eat better but I use these bandages just as an extra help and I must say that they are excellent. - MAGIC SALINE

Laura B.

Immediately after use you will feel a sensation of firmer legs. Perfect as a second course but to be used especially before an important occasion to give the legs a more toned appearance. - ACTIVE PANTS

Alessia M.

Excellent product! right from the first use, once you rinse your face, your skin feels clean and matte! Excellent and delicate scent. - DREAM MOUSSE

Gianluca M.

Truly an excellent product. Delicate fragrance, easy to absorb. Silk effect and light. - DAY BIOME

Antonella T.

These bandages are perfect to use when my legs and ankles feel swollen in the evening after a long day of standing at work. The relief is fantastic, super fresh! - FEEL BETTER

Costanza P.

I'm a fanatic of bubble baths and particular perfumes. This product surprised me because it leaves the skin super soft and scented, halfway between a simple shower gel and a hydrating body cream. - BIO MAGIC BUBBLE

Serena A.

I forget the cream, but exotic body juice I don't! delicious scent, it dries quickly and the skin remains very soft! - EXOTIC BODY JUICE

Eleonora G.

Despite the heat I can't give up the hairdryer and straightener... I have to admit that this mask helps prevent dull and damaged hair and also helps and speeds up styling a lot. - RECOVERY HERO

Veronica B.

I had never heard of this product so I was a little taken aback. I must say that by continuing to use it I really noticed that my hair started to look healthier and it seems that it actually stimulated hair growth because I see it thicker than before. Promoted! - DENSIFYNG SOLUTION

Valentina C.