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5 tips to protect the skin with the change of season

5 consigli per proteggere la pelle con il cambio stagione

Our skin is not always the same. Just like the rest of our body, it has different sensations that differ on the basis of the different periods and seasons of the year. In the summer we are hot and this makes us sweat and very thirsty; on the contrary, in winter, low temperatures tend to cause us sensations of dryness and we tend to cover ourselves much more, all this translates into different needs not only for our body in general, but also for our skin!

In this article we see 5 good tips to follow to protect the skin during the change of season. Specifically, let's see what to do to protect it in the transition from the cold to the warmer season.


1. Gel or mousse cleanser

When the heat begins to be felt, the skin, especially if combination or oily, tends to shine much faster. For this reason, with the arrival of spring, you should think about changing your face cleanser: if up to now you have used an oil-based cleanser, now it is necessary to set it aside and prefer to use fresher and lighter cleansers, such as those in mousse or gel. 


2. Password: SPF 

Warmer days and sun longer. All this translates into an ever stronger desire to spend time outdoors. Whether it's for a walk under the house, on the balcony or for a long bike ride to get to work, there is one thing in your skincare routine that you should NEVER forget, especially in the warmer seasons: apply a product every day that contains SPF, which is a sun protection factor.

What happens if you don't apply it? there are possible negative consequences for your skin, such as the onset of sun spots or premature skin aging linked to the many free radicals in the circulation.


3. Creams: Lighter textures 

Just like the cleansers we are going to use with the arrival of spring, the creams we apply every day to the face should also adapt to the new needs expressed by the skin. Even in the case of day cream and night cream, it is therefore necessary to focus on much lighter textures, without prejudice to an adequate supply of hydration, however necessary. Products of this type will help your skin to be hydrated but not oily, simply with a slightly luminous finish and a fresh and healthy appearance. 


4. Skin cleansing 

Spring cleaning shouldn't just be about our homes. Even the skin, once winter is behind it, needs to find new light and freshness. During the winter it is easier for sebum accumulations and the onset of pimples and imperfections to occur. Using a good scrub with a purifying action, combined with an equally good detoxifying mask, is therefore essential to kick off a season free from impurities.


5. Super light make-up base 

As the heat progresses, the desire to put on make-up decreases more and more. Being able to spend a few more moments outdoors is undoubtedly a panacea for our skin (always if you expose yourself with respect and with the right protection). So let's take advantage of the benefits that the environment can provide to our skin and let it "breathe" as much as possible. So goodbye to heavy greasepaint effect bases, green light to bbcream with a smoothing, light and protective action.

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