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BB Cream: what it is and when to choose it

BB Cream: che cos’è e quando sceglierla

The name BB cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream, or beauty balm for imperfections. This product experienced a real boom in purchases in Asian countries and in particular in Japan, where it was used by women following dermatological treatments. It was in fact the ideal solution to soothe the skin that had suffered a great deal of stress and at the same time cover the redness obtaining a perfect and homogeneous complexion. Only recently has its formulation begun to be appreciated also in the West for its extraordinary characteristics.

 It is a formulation designed to perform three different actions at the same time: coverage, hydration and protection. 

BB Cream: one product, three actions 

BB cream is a cosmetic product that allows you to get a flawless complexion all day long, like foundation, but unlike the latter, it is much lighter and more moisturizing. We could say that it is a cross between a classic foundation and a face cream for the day. 

The second feature of this product is hydration. being a particular cream, bb cream is able to provide our skin with all the hydration it needs to be smooth, plumped and luminous. 

Finally, bb creams are usually enriched with sunscreens that protect the skin even during exposure to the sunrays in the hottest hours of the day and ensure optimal health.

BB Cream and skin types: who can use it?

The answer to this question is very simple: everyone! The bb creams are formulated to meet specific skin protection and hydration needs and therefore every type of skin can find the product that best suits its needs on the market. 

Oily skin: oily skin can choose to opt for a bb cream that is mattifying, therefore enriched with ingredients capable of regulating the skin's sebum production. 

Dry skin: bb creams are the perfect allies for dry skin that needs hydration. In fact, the formulation of bb cream is usually creamy and nourishing, enriched with oils or active ingredients that give a plumped skin appearance. In particular, the bb creams designed for mature skin are recognized by some specific ingredients such as vitamins or hyaluronic acid.

Combination skin: for combination skin it is better to opt for a cream with a very light moisturizing action, which allows the skin not to shine in the famous T-zones during the day. 

Not sure what type of skin you have? run the our test quick to find out, just answer a few simple questions! 

BB Cream and application 

Being a product halfway between a foundation and a day cream, bb cream can be applied effectively in several ways. For a very natural effect, you can opt for the use of your hands, making sure that the application is uniform on all parts of the face and neck.

Alternatively, you can use a beauty blender: in this case, it is better to first squeeze a little product into the palm of your hand, then dip the sponge and pass it once again evenly over the various areas of the face. 

The strong point of bb cream is its super natural effect which allows you to effectively recreate a no-make-up style make-up, therefore very delicate but at the same time able to cover imperfections and redness, smoothing the complexion.

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