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What happens to your skin if you don't remove make-up before going to sleep

Cosa succede alla pelle se non ti strucchi prima di andare a dormire

At the basis of a healthy and radiant skin, in addition to good daily skincare, there is certainly cleansing.

Every night, before going to sleep, your skin must be perfectly removed, in order to eliminate germs, bacteria, make-up residues and, last but not least, the polluting dust accumulated during the day.

The epidermis needs freshness and oxygen, at least during the night to remain compact, clean and young.

To get a good result you don't need a lot of effort, sometimes just a good makeup remover is enough, such as a 'micellar water or a cleansing oil and that's it.

With a few gestures you will have a clean skin ready to face the following day in the best possible way!

Here are some of the consequences for your skin if you keep forgetting to cleanse your face and remove any makeup residue before going to sleep.


Dull Skin

Going to sleep with makeup on can block the regeneration process of the skin, making it less luminous and less toned the next day, resulting in a dry forehead, rough cheeks and T-zone which instead increases the production of sebum. Remember that poorly hydrated and toned skin is dull skin.



During the day, makeup "absorbs" free radicals which, if left on the skin for a long time and in contact with the air, oxidize and become responsible for dullness and loss of tone. But not only that, the make-up residues could in fact favor the development of bacteria that irritate the skin and make those pimples on the forehead or chin even bigger (and red).


Weakened eyelashes

Is volumizing mascara the must-have of your make-up? Great! Just remember that if you don't clean it properly for an entire night you could find yourself dealing with brittle, broken lashes that you find on the disk. In this case it is good to remove make-up carefully and then apply, with a clean brush of an old mascara, a few drops of castor oil to strengthen the lashes.


Premature aging

Chemical particles in beauty products can have a negative impact on skin health. When you do not remove make-up before going to sleep, the pores become clogged, accelerating skin aging. It is essential to sleep with clean skin, as cells regenerate during the night.


Enlarged pores

Finally, let's talk about a problem that you could develop in the long term so no, if you don't take off your make-up for one night before bed it's not a catastrophe, but you need to have long-term results in mind. Keeping make-up residues on the face throughout the night can clog and widen the pores, making them very visible, especially on the T-zone.


So here are some tips for removing make-up in the most correct way:

For effective facial make-up removal use micellar water or cleansing milk, avoiding make-up remover wipes which, although faster and more practical, contain volatile alcoholic substances often irritating to skin and eyes. For the eyes, however, especially if you apply a waterproof mascara and therefore difficult to remove, it is always good to use biphasic make-up removers that are composed of two substances (one aqueous and one oily) that are activated when the bottle is shaken.

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