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Oily Skin: No more excess Sebum

Pelle Grassa: Mai più Sebo in eccesso

Oily skin can be very annoying. It is a type of skin that shines quickly, leaving an unpleasant sensation on the face. The oiliness that occurs on the superficial layers of the skin is linked to an excessive production of sebum.

To combat this phenomenon, precise solutions can be adopted that help rebalance the production of sebum by the skin.

From the use of delicate cleansers to the application of normalizing sebum creams, let's see together what you can do to take care of your oily skin.


Use mild detergents.

Oily skin undoubtedly needs thorough cleansing and cleansing. Eliminating the oiliness of the skin is in fact important to get rid of this annoying sensation that can also bring with it the appearance of pimples and impurities. Contrary to popular belief, however, excess sebum should only be combated with mild cleansers. The choice of too aggressive products, in fact, risks obtaining a counterproductive result.


Apply a clay-based mask.

Clay is an ingredient that is increasingly present in dermocosmetic treatments. Its properties are in fact innumerable and its action against oily skin is really effective. The clay, thanks to its purifying and detoxifying action, is able to counteract the small impurities that often accompany oily skin. In addition, excess sebum is counteracted thanks to its rebalancing and mineralizing properties, linked to the high content of salts, ions and metals present inside.


Astringent lotion for pores

As we said earlier, oily skin is often full of imperfections. To counter the onset of these unsightly elements, once a week you can consider indulging in a treatment with steam. The latter helps to open the pores, simplifying skin cleaning. This operation must always be completed with the application of a delicate but powerful tonic, to ensure that the pores shrink and prevent the entry from the outside of polluting particles present in the air, make-up residues and dirt.


Application of a light cream with a sebum-normalizing action

The choice of a daily cream for oily skin should focus on something not too full-bodied, but on the contrary delicate and complete. Compared to what one might think, even oily skin needs hydration. Therefore the right choice is a light cream, capable of deeply hydrating but also with antibacterial and astringent action for the pores.

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