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5 tips to combat dry skin

5 consigli per contrastare la pelle secca

Skin tightening, annoying itchiness and fine lines in plain sight. Dry skin can be a very annoying blemish. There are many people who suffer from particularly dry skin, and in the coldest periods, it can happen that the problem is accentuated by low temperatures. External agents, just like temperatures that are too high or too low, one's eating habits, as well as the products that are applied to one's skin, are all factors capable of conditioning the state of balance and health of the skin.

Whether it's a stable condition or just a momentary one, let's see 5 useful tips to revive dry skin:



You know those showers made with very cold or particularly hot water? Here, excesses are never friends of dry skin. These are factors that, for their extremities, tend to be rather aggressive on the skin, with a single unpleasant result: dry, irritated and red skin. So what you need to do to take care of your dry skin is, first of all, avoid extreme temperatures! No to showers with boiling or freezing water, but not even going out in the cold or excessive heat without adequate face protection.



When we think about our skin, we often focus only on its external care. But taking care of it from the inside is just as important! What dry skin lacks is water, so drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day is essential. Equally important is the introduction of foods rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins E, A, C.



The detergents present on the market and especially cheap, are often composed of elements that attack the skin excessively, drying it more than necessary. With dry skin, you must be very careful to avoid this type of cleanser, preferring more delicate, oil-based products, capable of moisturizing while cleaning the skin.



By reading the components of the products you have at home for your skin care, you will find with some recurrence a specific ingredient: alcohol. The latter, however, although it can help cleanse the skin, tends to dry it out considerably, so if the starting point is already dry, the result can only be unpleasant. Better to avoid products that contain it!



Just as an oil-based cleanser can be very useful for keeping the skin balanced, an oil-based cream can also be an excellent solution. Especially in winter, the vegetable oils contained in quality products help moisturize and protect dry skin from the cold.

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