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Hyaluronic acid for skin and hair

Acido ialuronico per pelle e capelli

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that our body produces independently. Over time, however, we begin to produce less and less and this inevitably has consequences for the beauty of our skin and hair. 

But what is the mechanism of action of hyaluronic acid? what is its function on skin and hair? in this article we find out more about this marvelous molecule!

How does hyaluronic acid work? 

What makes hyaluronic acid truly a marvel for skin and hair is its ability to bind water molecules together. This means that the tissues are able, thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid, to retain water inside. A skin and hair that remain hydrated are also fuller, smoother and plumped up.

Hyaluronic acid for the skin 

A skin that retains hyaluronic acid inside is also a skin that maintains elasticity over time and that boasts a barrier that can protect it from bacteria, smog and other external agents. By limiting the loss of water, hyaluronic acid is able to guarantee firm skin for longer. 

Not only is hyaluronic acid able to hydrate the skin, another very important function is to counteract expression lines and fine lines, thanks to its effective filling and plumping power. 

Several studies have shown how using creams containing hyaluronic acid every day can keep the skin looking fresher and younger for a long time. 

An aspect of which we hear little and instead of great importance when we deal with hyaluronic acid in cosmetics, is the molecular weight. In particular, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is able to penetrate more deeply, amplifying the hydrating power of the molecule. For this reason it is preferable to choose creams that contain it. 

All Concilium products have low molecular weight hyaluronic acid inside. The result of continuous application on the skin is a revitalizing, firming, redensifying, moisturizing effect, with guaranteed epidermal renewal. 

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Hyaluronic acid for the hair 

To have a flourishing hair, the cuticle must be healthy and productive. Some bad eating habits and smog, however, can lead to a weakening of the same. Hyaluronic acid acts on the skin making it more moist and thus allowing the hair to maintain its hydration. Also in this case, therefore, hyaluronic acid acts by limiting the dispersion of water. For this reason, if you have particularly dull, brittle and dry hair, it is important to opt for products that contain this magical molecule. Hyaluronic acid can be used in combination with other wondrous hair ingredients such as keratin or collagen. 

As we have seen in this article, hyaluronic acid can be a real beauty ally for skin and hair, which is why quality products contain it. In the case of the skin, the daily application of products containing it will lead to a more toned, smoother and plump-looking skin; if we choose it in products designed for the hair, the result will be a thick, shiny and disciplined hair.

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