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Anti-wrinkle face cream for men: which one to choose?

Crema viso uomo antirughe: quale scegliere?

Men's skincare products are starting to be more and more present online. But why the need to sell specific products for human needs? how does men's skin differ from that of women? Can a man use the same skincare products that a woman uses? 

Let's try to shed more light on this issue in this article. 

Human skin: specific characteristics  

Men's skin has some specificities that make it different from that of women. First of all, men's skin is much thicker than women's. 

It also contains much more collagen and this allows it to stay young much longer than that of women. 

Another important aspect or factor of difference is the production of sebum: in fact, men's skin generally produces much more sebum than that of women. If on the one hand this allows it to remain softer and more compact for a long time, it must also be considered that men's skin also generally sweats much more than that of women and this leads to greater dryness. 

Finally, a strong production of sebum also leads to a greater probability of the onset of pimples and blackheads, due to the formation of the pores. 

Men's skincare: what changes? 

Cleansing, hydration and protection are three key words in both women's and men's skincare. However, it is necessary to take into account a gesture that men generally perform and women do not: shaving the face. This detail is not negligible because each skin reacts in completely different ways to shaving and this entails different needs that the creams must necessarily meet. 

Some skins, after shaving, are particularly irritated and therefore will need products designed for sensitive skin; other skins, on the other hand, are particularly dry and will therefore need moisturizing and nourishing products.

Which cream to choose?

Despite what has been said so far, the first rule to follow to choose the right cream is to learn to look and recognize your skin type. 

In fact, skincare products should always be chosen on the basis of your specific needs. 

Although there are objective differences in men's and women's skin, everyone has a different skin type that must be recognized for appropriate treatment. 


For example, if in fact men generally have skin that produces more sebum than female skin, there are cases of particularly dry and arid skin. 


What has been said so far helps us to arrive at a simple answer to this question: the right cream for all men does not exist, what exists is a type of cream suitable for the specific needs of each person. As with age, also with regard to gender, the most important rule is always and only one: listen to the specific needs of your skin and choose the products that best meet these needs. 


Concilium products are designed for the balance of the skin of men and women. These are products suitable for sensitive skin as they are particularly delicate with formulations designed and developed for all skin types. Light texture with a very strong moisturizing power. 


Visit the shop and discover the products of the Concilium basic line:  

-NIGHT BIOME DETOX: plumping, nourishing and moisturizing night cream 

-DAY BIOME: thirst-quenching, light and moisturizing day cream 

-BIOMA CARE: micellar lotion to gently cleanse the skin. With aloe vera for fresh and hydrated skin

-BBIOMESPF30: moisturizing and uniforming colored cream to protect the skin from the sun's rays

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