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How to improve the skin of the face?

Come migliorare la pelle del viso?

There are those who are born with perfect skin and those who, on the other hand, must commit themselves scrupulously to obtain it. 

If you are part of the second group of people, this is the right article for you. No miraculous products, just a few simple tricks to take into consideration for your daily life. 

Below you will find some simple rules to follow every day to witness a real transformation of your skin. 


The first rule to keep in mind for the daily beauty of your skin is cleansing. Smog, dirt and excess sebum must in fact be removed every day to ensure your skin is properly cleaned that allows you to stay away from pimples and other imperfections. 

The face should be washed twice a day with the help of a mild cleanser suitable for your skin type.  

When the skin is not properly cleansed, the elements present on its surface are deposited in the pores of the skin and cause the onset of blackheads and pimples. For this reason, every day, morning and evening, you should always dedicate a few minutes to cleansing the face.  


Hydration prevents wrinkles, for this reason, to keep skin as perfect as possible, it is necessary to pamper it with the right moisturizer, morning and evening. 

The cream should be specific for the different moments of the day: in the morning the ideal is a moisturizing but light cream to be used under makeup. In the evening, on the other hand, a rich and nourishing cream is more suitable, which regenerates the skin during the night's rest by providing the optimal level of hydration. 


If there is the miraculous secret to perfect skin, this is not in the products you choose but in the consistency you put in place to achieve your skincare routine. in fact, it is essential that both in the morning and in the evening, facial cleansing is carried out adequately and without skipping moments of the day or, even worse, entire days. This rule, which may seem so simple to follow, is actually particularly difficult to apply because, especially in the evening, it can happen that fatigue or late hours lead to giving up and choosing to avoid carrying out the skincare routine.

When you do not remove make-up, however, we must always remember that the skin ages much faster because it is exposed to more stress factors. 

Sun protection 

sun protection is essential at any time of the year. UVA-UVB rays are in fact always lurking, ready to "hit" the skin and cause premature skin aging. So applying a moisturizer or foundation that contains an SPF factor becomes really essential. 

It is a daily gesture able to prevent the formation of fine lines while preserving an even and elastic skin for longer. 

Choose the right products 

Another factor not to be forgotten when it comes to skincare is choosing the perfect products for yourself. Often, bombarded with influencers recommending different products, we tend to think we need them all. In reality, not all products are suitable for all skin types. Knowing how to recognize and distinguish them is essential to give your skin only what it really needs without overloading it with additional products that clog the pores and represent only a waste of energy and money.

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