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Are you approaching the world of routine skincare for the first time? Or are you simply looking for a simple, practical and effective solution for your daily skincare? Either way the kits could be the answer to your needs. It is in fact a single solution containing multiple products in response to specific needs. Concilium offers three different solutions in kits that allow you to progressively "expand" your skincare routine by providing more and more products.

But how to choose the right kit for you? Let's see it in this article.


Daily hydration kit

Let's start with the daily hydration kit, containing two essential products for your skincare routine. If you are looking for products for the hydration of your skin, this is the solution for you.

In this kit you will find day biome and night biome detox. Day Biome is a moisturizing yet light day cream, perfect to use in the morning before makeup. In fact, it absorbs very quickly and gives a natural lifting effect thanks to the presence of a very special molecule inside it: hexapeptide 8. Finally, it fights free radicals and minimizes fine lines.

 The night biome detox night cream, on the other hand, has an effective anti-aging, repairing and protective action. Perfect to use in the evening after the classic daily cleansing. During the night it works by promoting the cell renewal process, responsible for a beautiful, fresh and soft skin every following morning.



Quick action kit

The quick action kit is the right solution for you if, in addition to hydration, you also need a product that helps you in the cleansing phase.

In fact, in this kit, in addition to the day cream and night cream, you will also find Bioma Care micellar water. A delicate formula that removes make-up from the skin but does not alter its natural hydrolipidic film which protects it from excessive loss of water. Removes makeup, impurities, smog and other foreign particles potentially harmful to the skin.

The secret of its effective but at the same time delicate action is the aloe vera contained within it: a truly wondrous ingredient, capable of cleansing and at the same time soothing red and stressed skin.



Kit fresh skin

Do you dream of a single kit with everything you need? The fresh skin kit contains products that work together to guarantee cleansing, hydration and protection. Inside you will find our day cream, night cream, micellar water but also our bb cream.

Bbiome spf30 is our colored day cream which, by creating a semi-covering film, moisturizes, protects, corrects imperfections and evens out the complexion. It also contains a protection factor 30 which filters UVA-UVB rays, removing the danger of sun spots and premature skin aging.


Together, Concilium products work to restore your skin to a balanced condition that can often be lost due to internal (hormonal causes) or external factors (smog, stress, etc.). 

The imbalance that generates imperfections is often linked to the skin microbiota, a precious skin protection system that always needs to be diversified and proliferating. Concilium products contain natural ingredients that favor the proliferation and diversification of the skin microbiota, so as to obtain a protected and youthful skin for longer.

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