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Day Cream and Night Cream: what are the differences?

Crema Giorno e Crema Notte: quali sono le differenze?

Our skin acts in very different ways during the day and during the night. In fact, during the day, the skin is exposed to different stimuli and acts in response to these stimuli. During the day she is affected by many stressors such as smog, UV rays and make-up. During the night, instead, it needs rest to be able to regenerate properly. 

Therefore, day and night creams have differences, and are made taking into account the different needs that afflict our skin throughout the day. 

Let's find out in this article the main differences between a Day Cream and a Night Cream. 

Day and Night Cream - difference 1: Protection 

During the day, various activities, work, sports, leisure outings, hobbies and so on are normally carried out. Our skin is constantly exposed to external stimuli and therefore needs protection. 

This is why a good day cream works by creating a light protective layer that defends the skin from external attacks during the various daily activities. Skin protection must also be guaranteed through an SPF factor, which filters harmful rays, preventing premature skin aging and the onset of imperfections, such as sun spots, due to sun exposure. 

So, based on what has been said so far, a first difference between day cream and night cream is that the first contains ingredients useful for the protection of our skin, while the night cream does not necessarily guarantee protection as it would be a little useful mechanism for the skin at that time of day. 

We recommend the day cream DAY BIOME with SPF10 protective factor

Day and Night Cream - difference 2: Repair 

Our body during the night carries out a very powerful repairing and regenerative action of the cells, even those of our skin. Night creams are therefore real nourishment boosts, with active ingredients that perform specific functions according to our needs. At night our skin is particularly receptive and this means that all the active ingredients contained in the cream we apply are well absorbed in depth to give us a young and healthy looking skin in the morning. 

A second difference between Night Cream and Day Cream is therefore repair: the night cream takes advantage of the hours of rest and cell renewal activity, normally carried out by our body, to strengthen it and infuse as much nourishment as possible.

We recommend NIGHT BIOME, our nutrient-rich night cream. 

Day and Night Cream - difference 2: Hydration

The day cream is usually designed to provide us with a good base for applying daily make-up. Therefore, its action will ensure effective but light hydration to the skin.

The night cream, on the other hand, is generally denser and fuller, as it is rich in all those components capable of deeply hydrating the epidermis. If we used the night cream instead of the day cream, probably our skin, after a few hours from its application, would be oily, also compromising the duration of the daily makeup. 

The third difference between day cream and night cream is therefore hydration: the day cream must be rapidly absorbed and effective as a make-up base, while the night cream, acting during the night's rest, can be much more moisturizing, with effective benefits especially on dry skin. 

Choosing specific products for the different moments of the day is really essential to guarantee beautiful and healthy skin!

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