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Which cream to apply before makeup?

Quale crema applicare prima del trucco?

Makeup is often associated with the application of foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. Many people, however, underestimate the importance of proper skin preparation for all these steps.

By going to use the correct makeup base cream for your skin type, in fact, not only will the skin itself benefit, but the application of subsequent layers of makeup (such as primer and foundation) will certainly be more effective, guaranteeing a result. longer lasting.

The make-up base is generally a moisturizing day cream to be applied on the face after cleansing with milk and tonic. It is a step in the beauty routine that cannot be skipped, because even the most delicate foundation shouldn't come into "direct" contact with the skin. The cream layer, in fact, acts as a protective film from the colored pigments.

To obtain the ideal result, however, it is essential to pay attention to your skin type. All skins, in fact, have different needs, for this reason it is necessary to choose the day cream that is able to satisfy them.

The secret to a good foundation, therefore, is choosing the right cream.

Oily skin

In this case, the problem to be solved is excessive sebum production. For this reason it is important for the face cream to mattify the skin, absorb the sebum and give it a fresh sensation. The lightness of DAY BIOME cream is the perfect solution for this type of skin. Its rapid absorption makes it ideal for preparing the skin for daily make-up, without being heavy and helping the skin not to shine excessively during the course of the day.

Normal to dry skin

This type of skin can lose hydration depending on the climatic conditions (cold, sun, wind, etc.), and for this reason it is good to always treat it with a moisturizer. DAY BIOME cream, thanks to the richness of its nutrients, has a thirst-quenching action on the skin that will turn it into your best ally!

Mature skin

The more we get older with age, the more our skin becomes dull, dehydrated and needs an action to contrast the formation of wrinkles and  stains. In these cases, therefore, a day cream is required which, in addition to having a good moisturizing action, also contains the right ingredients to fight the signs of aging. The solution in this case is a cream like DAY BIOME which, in addition to moisturizing nutrients, contains hexapeptide, which not only counteracts skin aging but also contributes to making it more toned and elastic, in addition to Vitamin E, which fights free radicals. . After its application you will be able to boast a hydrated and rejuvenated skin.

Application advice

Whatever face cream used as a make-up base, it is very important to let it dry completely before applying the foundation.

The timing may vary depending on the composition of the cream, the lighter ones will take only a few seconds, the denser and more moisturizing ones will take longer. Only on soft and fresh skin does the foundation adhere well. That's why you need to choose a cream that absorbs quickly, without leaving the greasy feeling.

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