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Face creams for men and women: the skincare world becomes inclusive

Creme viso uomo e donna: il mondo skincare diventa inclusivo

Until a few years ago, the skincare world was mainly associated with a female audience. In recent times, however, it has become much more inclusive, breaking down gender boundaries and offering a series of face creams for men and women.

In fact, taking care of your skin has no gender: are there any differences in skin composition between men and women?

Face creams and other products for men and women: are they necessary?

Generally speaking, men and women have specific needs due to certain skin characteristics.

For example, men's skin, due to the presence of testosterone, is generally oilier and slightly more sebaceous than the average skin of women.

The problem of acne-prone skin, however, also affects the female gender and is in fact one of the main reasons why many people seek a purifying skincare. 

In this case, there is no reason other than a face cream whether it is only woman or man only, the product must be chosen according to the needs of one's skin and not according to one's gender.

The product differences between men and women are therefore a marketing strategy to separate lines with different products (for example, in the men's lines there are beard products) and therefore diversify them in color and packaging.

The real difference between men and women consists in having different objective needs that require different solutions. But what are the cases?

Men and women: differences in the skincare world

One of the most important differences between men and women concerns the growth of facial hair, highlighted above all by the lack of beard growth: their care, in fact, will naturally affect the general structure of the skin of the face.

A man, in fact, will suffer from irritation and dryness to a greater extent than women due to shaving and the stress to which the face is subjected.

Additionally, men also tend to have more collagen than women, making their skin thicker and firmer.

This makes it more difficult for a man's skin to absorb the products: the face creams dedicated to them greatly facilitate the resolution of this problem.

Although there are differences, the skincare of men and women has some common characteristics including the need for clean and hydrated skin, removal of dead cells and excess sebum, protection from UVA rays and the signs of aging.

In fact, good skincare is essentially based on two things:

  • Get to know your skin thoroughly;
  • Pay attention to the ingredients of the products;

It is therefore important to choose the specific product for your skin needs without worrying about your gender and the cultural meanings behind it.

Maintaining healthy skin won't make men less men and women more women - having a proper skincare routine is simply a way to take care of your face and skin.

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