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Mask imperfections: here's how to get rid of them quickly

Imperfezioni da mascherina: ecco come liberarsene velocemente

The pandemic has brought with it many changes in people's lives.
Among the biggest innovations there is certainly the wearing of a protective mask every day for most of our days, especially if social distancing is not guaranteed.

This habit is undoubtedly useful in helping to slow down and prevent the spread of the virus, but recently it has been observed that wearing protective masks could cause acne and other skin problems.

It is not just about meeting the needs of the skin, but above all about preventing redness and blemishes.

Under the mask, in fact, the skin is put to the test by heat and humidity caused by the breath.

Let's see together what measures help our skin to counteract the onset of small mask imperfections.


The importance of hydration

For some time there has been talk of nothing but Maskne, a term deriving from the conjugation of the terms "Mask + Acne", that is, Acne da Mascherina. This side effect, together with the classic irritation pimples, is caused by the microclimate that the mask creates, blocking the skin's breath and causing a humid climate favorable to imperfections.

It is therefore essential to quench the skin as much as possible once you return home, through a rigorous layering also based on do-it-yourself face masks (find out about the do-it-yourself masks in this article).

From a soothing tonic to a nourishing serum to an anti-aging and illuminating cream, the mask skincare must reveal all its moisturizing power.

Pay attention to the timing of application

If you already suffer from acne and apply the specific cream for this problem, it is best to avoid doing it in the morning, therefore postponing the application once you return home, when you get ready for the night.

It is recommended that this operation be performed before going to sleep precisely because most cosmetics to combat imperfections cause skin exfoliation, or controlled sebaceous production, which dries all impurities and dulls them. With the mask you simply risk making them accumulate on the tissue itself rather than eliminating them, worsening the problem and contributing to the onset of new pimples.

If, on the other hand, it is usual to use a light day cream, it is advisable to apply it at least 15 minutes before leaving the house, and then wear the mask. In this way, in fact, the product will have time to be absorbed correctly and prevent its residues from creating friction against the mask which could cause irritation. 

The ideal cleansing to prevent blemishes

In a good skincare routine, starting against mask imperfections, cleansing is essential, which must be gentle on the skin and take place twice a day, before the mask and after, to remove impurities and bacteria that form during the day.

Prefer the micellar waters with restorative emollients.

The micellar waters, in fact, are able to trap the impurities that are removed from the cotton pad. Then apply an alcohol-free tonic to soothe red skin and, in the areas most affected by imperfections, a product with a purifying and antiseptic action.

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