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Face massage: when and why to do it

Massaggio viso: quando e perché farlo

Taking the time to massage our face is a daily gesture that everyone should introduce within their beauty routine. Taking the time to give ourselves this pampering, in fact, means communicating to our skin how much we love it, as well as guaranteeing it some beneficial effects on its final appearance.

Do not worry, to perform this pampering there is no need to make an appointment in a spa, the massage can be performed alone even at home, following simple steps and taking advantage of the moment of daily hydration.

In fact, the massage is essential for a clean, cleansed and hydrated skin. 

The benefits of facial massages are different, we discover in this article all the secrets on how to do it, when and why. 

Face massage: when to do it

The face massage consists of a fairly simple technique that can be done at any time of the day, the only necessary note: an excellent preliminary cleansing of the skin.
Precisely for this reason, therefore, it is recommended to perform it within the two moments dedicated to the skincare routine, namely in the morning and in the evening.

On the one hand, it allows you to start the day on the right foot as well as ensuring greater absorption of the active ingredients of the cosmetic products that will be applied later; on the other hand, it allows you to eliminate stress and stretch the skin by intervening on the signs of expression and fatigue that are fixed with facial expressions.

Face massage: execution

After having properly cleansed the skin, it is time to carry out the real massage.
Our advice is to use a light, slightly oily and easily absorbed moisturizer, such as DAY BIOME, to moisturize the skin and reduce friction between face and hands.
At this point, perform circular movements with your fingertips, without applying excessive pressure, to the sides of the temples, then move on to massage the cheekbones alternating circles with gentle pressure that bring the skin from the bottom up.

Finally, perform the same movements also in the area of the jaw.
Once these continuous movements have been completed with which the product spreads well over the entire surface, you can proceed to tap the area around the eyes, cheeks and chin with open fingers.

And here, in a few simple steps, your daily pampering has come to life.

Face massage: the benefits

Correct execution of the message allows the activation of the micro-circulation, with the consequence of greater perfusion in the subcutaneous tissue. This will allow our skin to absorb all the products that we are going to apply later.

Veins and capillaries, moreover, also perform the function of carriers that bring to the skin the nourishment necessary to keep it healthy and young. If these work better, the appearance of the skin will benefit.

In addition, the massage could also be performed with granulated substances, so as to also perform a sort of peeling, favoring the elimination of toxins and dead cells, accumulated during the day.

Finally, it is known that, thanks to these stretching and lifting movements of the skin, fibroblasts are activated, which increase the production of collagen and elastin, giving the skin a healthy, toned and revitalized appearance.

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