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Face wrinkles: how to fight them at night

Rughe viso: come contrastarle durante la notte

Over the years the metabolism slows down, the skin loses elasticity and wrinkles tend to appear. First they are small signs, related to expression, and then they become decidedly more evident and profound. Wrinkles are caused by the loss of collagen, which reduces the volume of the skin. If you are not a lover of creams and beauty treatments, here are some tips to prevent the signs of aging and keep some freshness even after the age of 40.

Fighting wrinkles is a challenge many of us face in our lives. There are those who dedicate more time to this battle and those who instead experience their appearance with greater philosophy, but a bit of everyone, sooner or later, will find ourselves in front of the mirror to deal with these signs of the passing of time.

Face masks, anti-aging creams and facial massages are certainly an excellent cure for preventing and combating these small imperfections, but did you know that it is possible to act on them even at night?

Let's see together some gestures and tricks to combat wrinkles even during the night!

1. Sleep on your stomach

This advice is certainly useful if you are a person who has no problem sleeping in any position. To combat wrinkles, in fact, it is advisable to fall asleep on the stomach, so as not to create pressure on our face. However, for many people it may be uncomfortable and it is not possible to control the involuntary movement of sleep that leads to a lateral position or lying on the back, for we have 4 more tips.

2. Use a night cream

It is during the night that facial treatments are absorbed faster and more effectively, for this reason it is essential to go to sleep after having completely cleansed the skin and applied your ideal night cream. In fact, while you sleep your skin can benefit more from the treatments you apply, and in the morning you will wake up with a hydrated face and your skin will be more elastic and velvety.

3. Pay attention to the choice of the pillow

The choice of your pillow is essential both to ensure a good rest during the night, and to combat wrinkles on our skin. An ergonomic pillow, of medium hardness and covered with cotton pillow cases, seems to be the ideal choice for reducing facial contact with the pillow surface, reducing sleep lines.

4. Try coconut oil

If you love natural remedies, then coconut oil is the solution for you. The benefits of this fruit are in fact innumerable, but not everyone knows that applying coconut oil to the face significantly reduces wrinkles.
Its use is always recommended in combination with a night cream: apply it as a mask, rinse and then apply a moisturizer. It is perfect for regenerating the skin and reducing wrinkles.

5. Get enough sleep

The last tip concerns a good dose of sleep. To rest well, your body needs to sleep at least 7-9 hours a day. And it is during these night hours that the body releases melanin, strengthening the immune system and slowing down aging.

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