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Skincare routine under 30

Skincare routine under 30

As we approach 30, our minds and bodies change, and so does our skin.  

With advancing age, taking care of your skin carefully and with the right products becomes increasingly important to keep it young and healthy for as long as possible.

In this article, we study together the changes that our skin undergoes with the passage of time and discover some useful tips to keep it beautiful and radiant.


What happens to the skin as we approach our 30s?

To begin with, it is legitimate to wonder what happens to our skin as we approach our 30s. As you get closer to this age, processes take place in our body that are also reflected in the appearance of our skin. The details responsible for the appearance of the first signs of aging are hormone levels and collagen production. Both act as "glues" between the cells of our skin and therefore determine a compact, smooth and toned appearance. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, hormone levels and collagen production begin to decline. Cell turnover also begins to slow down and the skin is unable to recover completely and quickly as in the past.

So what can we actually do to keep skin young and beautiful for longer?


Useful tips

To take care of your skin, you can follow the advice of some dermatologists.

Recognize your skin

The most important piece of advice of all is to commit to recognizing your skin. With advancing age, the appearance of the skin can change and what can really make the difference is the observation and recognition of this change. It may seem trivial but it is not at all because in reality the skin must be treated not so much on the basis of its age, as on its appearance. Dry skin is always dry skin, whether you are fifteen, twenty or thirty years old. This type of skin will need rich, nourishing formulations that allow it to hydrate and plump the skin.

However, the skin changes, it could suddenly become oily and full of impurities or particularly dry and arid. Whatever it is, understanding the change and accepting it is essential for adopting an adequate skincare routine.



The first rule to follow for a more relaxed skin for a long time is to deeply hydrate it through the use of the right products. It may seem strange but it is: hydration prevents wrinkles. If a skin is well hydrated, "folds" will not form and it will be relaxed and smooth.

What does it mean to deeply hydrate it? It means using the right products in the correct order: from the most fluid to the densest. Yes, it works like this because the most liquid product is also the one that will penetrate the inside of our skin better. Based on this principle, a serum containing an active suitable for the needs of the skin must always be applied as the first product. We then proceed with the drafting of a good moisturizer and finally with the product with the denser and fuller formulation: sunscreen or a product containing SPF.

All this is essential to ensure that the investment in your skincare routine actually leads to results. In fact, when you use the products in the wrong way and order, you will have literally wasted money by investing in something that is not fully exploited and in the best possible way.


Few products but good

What has been said about hydration and the order of use of products leads us to one last but very important piece of advice: use few but good products. Social media and influencers often lead us to believe that for a healthy and beautiful skin you need a lot of products, long and complex skincare routines, habits that are difficult to carry on over time. The reality, however, is another: it would be enough to choose a few products, targeted and performing.

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