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Blackheads, pimples and other impurities: why do they come out?

Punti neri, brufoli e altre impurità: perché escono?

Blackheads and other impurities can become an occasion for embarrassment as they are rather annoying imperfections. However, knowing the causes that cause their appearance, you can greatly improve the appearance of your skin by preventing the reappearance of pimples, blackheads and other impurities. In this article we discover the causes and the best remedies to take to get rid of them easily.


Why do they come out and what are blackheads?

While there is often talk of pimples and the fact that they are inflammation of the hair follicles, little is said about blackheads. Blackheads are a set of substances that accumulate on our skin. In fact, it is about excess sebum, keratin and bacteria. All these agglomerated elements oxidize in contact with the air, taking on the famous black color well known by those who suffer from the appearance of these unsightly blemishes. All these substances go to accumulate in the hair follicles occluding them.

Blackheads and other imperfections appear above all in the vicinity of the sebaceous glands which are located in the points where one generally tends to sweat more, i.e. forehead, back and chin.


The errors that cause them to appear

Some factors that cause its appearance are related to hormonal imbalances which can only be treated with the help of a doctor. Other important contributions, however, are given by wrong behaviors and habits on which we can intervene immediately:

  •       Excessive consumption of fatty foods. A healthy and balanced diet is also important for maintaining a good balance in the skin.
  •       The use of creams, make-up or other products with too greasy and oily formulations. Knowing your skin is important precisely to give it only what it really needs. If we pamper her with products that do not meet her needs, she will try to "get rid" of what she does not need.
  •       Inconsistent or incorrectly performed cleansing. The choice of the right detergent must always be accompanied by steps carried out with precision and in the correct order.


How to treat them?

To get rid of blackheads, the most effective solution is to resort to peeling. The latter is a treatment that is increasingly popular on the web for the significant benefits it brings to the skin. It works by removing the most superficial layer of skin, composed of dead cells, smog, make-up residues and other bacteria that are harmful to the skin. But the most important thing for the purposes of this article, is that this type of treatment together with what has just been described, also eliminates the substances that have accumulated in the hair follicles, effectively eliminating blackheads.

To effectively prevent its appearance, you need to follow some essential steps in your skincare routine.

  1. cleanse the skin every day, morning and evening. Choose a delicate cleanser that does not attack the skin, pushing it to "remedy" by producing even more sebum. 
  2.  use a tonic or an astringent solution for the pores to prevent the accumulation of excess sebum and all other substances inside them.
  3. apply a very light serum and cream that do not, once again, clog the pores, while ensuring an optimal level of hydration.

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