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How to fight wrinkles

Come contrastare le rughe

Wrinkles are known to be something that cannot be avoided. The signs of time passing on our face and body are something that cannot be avoided in any way. But after all, why want to eliminate them? The small marks on the face and body are nothing more than the expression of what we have lived, our history and our lifestyle.

The only thing that can be done is to try to slow down this inevitable process. In this article we discover some simple solutions to be adopted every day with simplicity to postpone and slow down this process as much as possible.


The first and very important habit to adopt in order to slow down the skin aging process as much as possible is the one that everyone knows but which is probably more difficult to adopt. Having a healthy diet is in fact the essential prerequisite for a much healthier, more toned and youthful skin for a long time. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which is why it is important to consume them at will. If you notice, the people who consume these foods generally have much more elastic and toned-looking skin.

On the contrary, those foods that trigger a series of chemical reactions that alter the appearance of the tissues which will then be particularly compromised should be reduced as much as possible. The foods that should be avoided most for healthy skin are the same ones that should also be avoided for the well-being of your body. For better or worse they are known by everyone and range from fried foods to particularly fatty foods.



Those who do not do skincare every day wonder why they waste time with various creams and lotions. Why should it be so important? The answer is simply one: hydration prevents wrinkles. Two concepts can be deduced from this sentence:

  1. Hydration is useful for all skin types. Obviously, based on the specificity of each type, creams with different textures should then be chosen but, this being the case, if a skin is not adequately hydrated every day, wrinkles will not be long in making their appearance.
  2. the most important thing is prevention. Acting when wrinkles have already appeared can only lead to temporary improvements or to the creation of particular optical effects for which wrinkles are attenuated (as in the case of make-up). The right choice is instead to start taking care of your skin from the age of 25, preventing the formation of wrinkles that should appear shortly thereafter.



Choosing the right position for a night's rest can really make a difference in the appearance of wrinkles. Sleeping on your back can cause your face to squeeze against the pillow which can cause expression lines. Especially when you spend a lot of time in the same position, the skin continues to fold in the same places over time, causing real wrinkles to appear over time.

Getting used to sleeping on your stomach is therefore essential not only for a matter of health, since it facilitates breathing, but as we have seen, also to prevent the appearance of expression lines.


These three good habits can help slow the appearance of wrinkles, but the number one secret to dealing with them is simply to accept them. Getting older is always a privilege and neglecting it due to the presence of some wrinkles on the face would really be a wasted opportunity.

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