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3 properties of the prickly pear that you didn't know

3 proprietà del fico d’india che non conoscevi

If the prickly pear immediately reminds you of a hot, sunny land that could in no way make improvements to your skincare, with this article you will discover that it is actually an unmissable ingredient for your skin.

prickly pear is a surprising ingredient as its benefits are completely opposite to the place where it grows. It is in fact an ingredient that has 3 properties that perhaps you didn't know about and which we will discover together in this article.

The main characteristic of the prickly pear is its ability to store large quantities of water. In fact, on rainy days the prickly pear uses its roots to collect large quantities of water which must not be wasted. This ability makes it a perfect ingredient to introduce into your skincare routine, especially in cases of particularly dry and dull skin. When the skin on your face appears toned and compact, it is because it has managed to retain the water needed to stay hydrated within itself. This is why applying a product capable of carrying out this activity on the face is essential to improve the quality of the skin.

The prickly pear is an excellent ally for its soothing and repairing effectiveness. Farmers in Sicily have been using it for a long time for this very purpose. It is in fact an excellent ally for pampering irritated skin that has been exposed to the sun for many hours during the day. The prickly pear also becomes extremely useful for immediate relief, also thanks to its instant refreshing effect.

Where do these extraordinary emollient properties come from?

The blades of the prickly pear are rich in a fresh and soothing gel, which make it very similar to an Aloe Vera plant. The effectiveness of this ingredient is often compared and even rated as superior in quality to that of hyaluronic acid, especially with regards to its antioxidant power.

Finally, the prickly pear has an extraordinary astringent property which makes it perfect for improving the appearance of acne and impurities. The action of the prickly pear on the skin is vasoconstrictive and this allows it to give the face a more toned and compact appearance. In addition to these properties, prickly pear is able to counteract the formation of free radicals, the main causes of skin aging.

The Sicilian prickly pear can be used to create delicate but effective scrubs, capable of exfoliating the skin without redness. The presence of prickly pear also allows not to alter the hydrolipidic film of the skin thanks to its hydrating and nourishing abilities.

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The Sicilian prickly pear

Not everyone knows that the prickly pear is a fruit widely cultivated in Italy, and especially in Sicily. The flavor and beauty of the Sicilian prickly pear has also been recognized at a European level, collecting several awards.

The beauty and charm of the Sicilian prickly pear lies in its ability to grow where no other plant is able to do so: in the driest and most inhospitable territories of Sicily. With its presence, the territory benefits greatly, changing its appearance and transforming itself into a magical place full of life even where there shouldn't be any.

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