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Botox viso and looking for alternatives

Botox viso e le sue alternative

Smooth, toned and smooth skin… which skincare lover doesn't dream of this? The means to obtain this result and also the best known by now, at least in principle, is botox. But is there any alternative but equally effective solution? In this article we will try to answer this question. 

Botox: what is it? 

Botox, or botulinum toxin, is widely used in aesthetic medicine to visibly improve the appearance of the skin. It is generally administered through small and localized injections that greatly reduce the visibility of fine lines and fine lines. This result is possible thanks to a temporary reduction of the contractions of the facial muscles. 

The benefits of the toxin are generally visible after a couple of days and you can enjoy the result for a period ranging from four to eight months following the injection. It therefore requires periodic injections in order to maintain the result over time. 

Despite the beautiful premises related to the use of botox, there are also some side effects that could be caused by the same. These include stomach pain, pain in the localized area of the injection, headache and flu symptoms. 

Because of these symptoms or in general because of the opposition to resorting to this type of treatment, it is legitimate to wonder if there are alternative solutions to the one just presented.  

Hexapeptide 8: the alternative for skincare

An ingredient still little known to the general public but extremely prodigious, is hexapeptide 8. It is an ingredient that behaves just like Botox but which, unlike the latter, does not require an injection to function. Its activity allows you to visibly reduce fine lines around the eyes, forehead and cheeks, restoring a rested and smooth appearance. 

In summary it is a safe ingredient, which for this reason can be used in a versatile way in serums and creams. 

An example of effective use of the hexapeptide 8 ingredient in a light formula that you can use every morning is our DAY BIOME. 

Inside, the presence of hexapeptide 8 combined with other important ingredients such as vitamin E, restores skin that is toned, plumped and free from free radicals that can cause premature skin aging.

Discover DAY BIOME 

Skincare: the anti-aging secret 

What if at home I only have creams that do not contain hexapeptide 8 and I don't want to resort to botox? 

There is a very latest secret that can be easily adopted by everyone, using only what you already have at home: keeping your skin hydrated. 

In fact, hydration is actually the only real resource that allows the skin to stay young for a long time. In fact, a soft and elastic skin will remain much more difficult to mark by the passage of time and by repeated facial contractions, instead it will always return "to its place" without signs of sagging. 

Conclusions: what to choose? 

We have seen the possible alternatives to botox but nothing prevents you from using this technique to immediately have a super result. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer to resort to more "natural" remedies, we recommend that you try a cream or serum that contains the prodigious hexapeptide 8. Finally, if you prefer to finish the products you already have at home, you can safely continue using your day cream, remembering to be constant to guarantee your skin the optimal level of hydration and therefore obtain an elastic and always young skin as we have seen in the previous paragraph.

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