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Vitamin C for the face: what are the benefits?

Vitamina C per il viso: quali benefici?

In the last year, we have heard a lot about Vitamin C and the companies offering products that contain it have increased significantly. The reason for this ingredient's success is its undeniable skin-perfecting action. Below we find out in more detail what are the benefits of vitamin C on the skin and how we can find it in the formulations of skincare products. 

Vitamin C: effect on the skin 

The actions performed by vitamin C on the skin can be divided into two categories: on the one hand we have a preventive action and on the other hand we have a restorative action. 

As for its preventive efficacy, vitamin C acts by protecting and preventing skin aging. This is possible thanks to a blocking action of enzymes that normally destroy collagen. The latter is responsible for young, toned and plumped skin. With age, however, collagen is increasingly reduced with a general "sagging" of the skin. Preserving collagen, thanks to the action of vitamin C, is therefore an excellent solution for maintaining perfect skin for a long time. 

However, vitamin C also has an effective restorative action. That is, it acts on the damage caused by incorrect exposure to sunlight (for example due to not using a sunscreen or prolonged exposure to the sun). The repair of the already damaged tissue can take place thanks to a stimulation of the fibroblasts which in turn intervene in the production of collagen. 

Vitamin C for the face: what are the benefits?

We have seen what action vitamin C does on our skin. But what are the visible effects after using products that contain it? 

Vitamin C acts on dull and uneven complexions, illuminating the skin and making it uniform. The result is a fresher and more radiant-looking skin. All this is possible thanks to the blocking of a series of biochemical reactions, carried out by this miraculous ingredient. 

Vitamin C stimulates the production of those substances that make the skin more compact. Therefore the visible effect is a reduction of expression lines and all other thin lines.

Finally, some studies have shown that vitamin C is able to stimulate the natural defenses of the skin providing a "protection" from possible damage due to oxidative stress. 

Vitamin C in skincare products 


Integrating the use of vitamin C into your skincare is quite easy because, unlike the more famous and talked about acids in the last period, it is not photosensitizing. This means that it can be used safely at any time of the day and in any season. 


Vitamin C for skincare goes particularly well with two other ingredients: super moisturizing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid which stimulates the production of colagen. 

In high-quality products, such as serums and creams, we can often find these three special ingredients together. 


In conclusion, we can say that vitamin C is a very powerful ingredient capable of revolutionizing the skin. is a beauty ally for all skin types: it evens out the complexion, makes it brighter, younger and more toned. An ingredient to be included in your skincare routine without a doubt!

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