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Dry and brittle hair? 3 benefits of macadamia

Capelli secchi e sfibrati? 3 benefici della macadamia

If your hair is dry, brittle, has lost its shine and strength, the ingredient to look for in your hair products is definitely macadamia. Increasingly loved and used in the cosmetic field, macadamia performs multiple functions on the hair at the same time: it regenerates the scalp, manages to keep the much-hated frizz effect at bay, restructures and repairs lengths thanks to the active ingredients present within it.

What is macadamia oil?

Macadamia: 3 benefits for hair

What is macadamia oil?

Macadamia oil is a particular oil that is obtained by cold pressing the nuts that grow on the macadamia tree present in Australia. This oil, which was originally used by native Australians to color their bodies, is now widely used both in cooking and in the creation of personal products.

In the kitchen it is in fact widely appreciated for its intense but sweet flavour.

As far as personal well-being is concerned, in addition to including it in face and body creams, it can also be used in hair products.

So let's go into more detail and find out what macadamia oil is and what its main benefits for hair are.

Macadamia: 3 benefits for hair

Among the main benefits that macadia can give to your hair we certainly find the following:

1.Regenerates the scalp

Macadamia oil performs various functions on the skin: first of all, it has an emollient and soothing action in case of red or weakened skin. Secondly, macadamia stimulates the production of new cells and in doing so manages to give new vigor to your hair. A very simple compress, massaged and left on the skin, will be enough to visibly improve the health of the scalp and consequently also that of the lengths.

2. Keeps frizz at bay

Macadamia has enormous hydrating power on the lengths. This is possible thanks to the fatty acids contained within it. In this way the hair is deeply nourished and hydrated. Hydration is the key needed to keep hair frizz at bay even with humidity. For this reason, choosing a macadia-based hydrating product for the lengths means choosing protection from frizz and drying of the hair.

3.Repair the lengths

Macadamia oil contains iron, magnesium and calcium. These elements are fundamental for restructuring the lengths. For this reason, macadamia oil is also perfect for treated, damaged, bleached and generally damaged hair. Furthermore, thanks to its antioxidant action, it slows down the aging of hair and keeps it "younger" for longer.

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