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How do you choose the right face cream?

Come si sceglie la giusta crema per il viso?

The first rule to follow to have beautiful, healthy and even skin is to choose a face cream that is actually right for us. In fact, there is no "good" face cream in general, there are rather different face creams, with formulations designed in response to specific needs.

Understanding your skin type

Based on the premises made, you can easily guess that to choose the perfect cream you must first of all be able to identify your skin type.

Broadly speaking, the leathers can be of four different types and each of them corresponds to particularly suitable ingredients and formulations:

Dry skin: dry skin is skin whose natural hydrolipidic film is easily destroyed by agents such as stress, smog, cold and so on. If you don't use a good moisturizer it can get easily annoying.

Among the ingredients to look for in the face cream for your dry skin we undoubtedly find:

Avocado, shea butter, almond, olive or jojoba oil (in general the oils are recommended in this case for skin hydration)


Oily skin: oily skin is a type of skin that tends to shine during the day. In this case, a particularly rich and nourishing cream would make the skin even more shiny. On the contrary, in this case, however, it is necessary to opt for creams with ingredients that regulate the production of sebum, the excessive presence of which makes it responsible for a particularly oily skin.

The face cream in this case must be non-occlusive for the pores and may contain:

tea tree, aloe vera, chamomile


Mixed skin: Mixed skin is a type of skin that alternates shinier areas with others that tend to dry out easily. Usually the "fat" areas are identified with the T area, that is the area that passes from the forehead, to the nose, up to the chin. This is probably the most difficult type of skin to manage.



Normal skin: normal skin is undoubtedly the luckiest. It is a type of skin that does not visibly present problems of any kind. In fact, it appears smooth, bright at the right point and uniform. In this case, therefore, you will not need a particularly moisturizing cream as in the first case but not too light as in the second case.


Still doubts? Concilium products are perfect for all skin types. Their textures are in fact particularly delicate but at the same time provide all the hydration necessary to maintain a young and elastic skin.

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