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In advertisements and online we often hear about plumping creams. But what does this term really mean to present some commercially available cosmetic products? For whom is this type of cream suitable? At what time of day is it best to apply it? How does it work?

The answers to all these questions throughout this article!


What does plumping cream mean?

A plumping cream is a type of product that acts on the skin by smoothing it and giving it a more relaxed appearance. The ingredients present in creams of this type generally fill the fine lines on the skin, due to the passage of time or facial expressions.


For whom is this type of cream suitable?

Plumping creams are suitable for mature or particularly marked skin due to various factors such as excessive exposure to the sun, evident creases of expression, smog or cigarettes. Therefore, not only middle-aged women or men, but people of all ages who generally have very dry skin. In fact, it happens that when a skin is very dry and is not adequately hydrated every day, every facial movement is "molded" on the skin and remains there, motionless. On the other hand, when a skin is well hydrated, it will also be more elastic, and this means that it will be able to return to its place with extreme ease. This is why it is also said that hydration prevents the appearance of wrinkles.  

Based on what has been said so far, it is clear that this type of cream is generally not suitable for very very oily skin. On the contrary, in that case, it is always good to give preference to a product that, yes, provides the necessary hydration, but which is rather light and impalpable.


When does it apply?

By definition, this type of cream is very rich. Usually it contains vegetable oils and other nourishing and full-bodied substances. For these reasons, the best time to apply it is in the evening, before going to sleep. In this way we give the skin all the time it needs to absorb all the nourishing properties present within it. Furthermore, applying it in the morning, the risk would be to see your skin shine easily after only a few hours. If we also put on makeup, the effect could be downright disastrous.


Why deeply hydrate?

Hydration is what makes the skin truly beautiful and healthy. Through the hydration and nourishment that we can obtain with a rich and plumping cream, the skin stays young for longer. Wrinkles obviously cannot be avoided, sooner or later they appear on all faces. However, hydration, as we have seen, can delay and further delay the moment of their appearance over time. 

We have seen who should apply it, how and why to choose it. Here is the plumping cream we recommend. NIGHT BIOME DETOX must be applied in the evening, after cleansing, before going to bed. Upon awakening the skin will be soft and hydrated and… plumped up, and the pillow will be perfectly clean!


                                          Scopri Night Biome Detox




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