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Tired of seeing the stories of influential people on the web every day who, in the morning and in the evening, use tons of products to guarantee a flawless appearance when you wake up?

The products that are really useful in an effective skincare routine are actually few and targeted. This type of skincare routine allows you to save time and money, spending only on those products that are really useful and functional to your needs.

Thanks to smartworking, which has spread since the outbreak of the pandemic, more and more people have understood that, with a little more attention to their skin, and by choosing a few but good products, it is possible to achieve excellent results. Furthermore, when the skin is fresh and hydrated, even the make-up can become lighter and consequently less "suffocating" for the skin.

We can divide the products into three essential steps: cleansing, hydration and protection.  

So what are the products that are really useful for getting beautiful skin?

Let's go in order and see which products are really useful in the three essential phases of the skincare routine.



Cleansing the skin in the evening is undoubtedly a very essential step in the skincare routine. In fact, regardless of whether you are wearing make-up or not, skin cleansing should always be done. During the day, smog particles, excess sebum and bacteria could lurk inside the pores of the skin and cause pimples, blackheads or irritation if they are not removed.

The products that you will need to carry out a good skin cleansing are essentially two:

  •       A facial cleanser can now be found on the market of all types, from the foaming one most suitable for oily skin, to those in cream or mousse suitable for dry skin.
  •       A micellar lotion that allows you to carefully remove any makeup residues deposited in areas that are uncomfortable to reach such as mascara in the corners of the eyes. After using any type of micellar water, it is always recommended to rinse the face.               

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Moisturize, hydrate, hydrate! Hydration really makes a difference in the appearance of the skin. Good hydration allows for a fresh, plumped, rested and relaxed result. Given its importance, morning and evening, it is recommended to use creams suitable for your skin type. Even oily skin, unlike what one might imagine, needs hydration.

  • day cream: the day cream should be applied every morning before makeup. The day cream should be quickly absorbed, with a light texture but still very moisturizing.

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  • night cream: during the night's rest you can opt for something even more moisturizing, with a plumping and filling effect. The night cream should have these characteristics, but not be greasy.

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Even if you don't see them, they are there. We refer to the sun's rays. Even in autumn and winter, the sun's rays that hide behind a few clouds are still present and if you spend hours outdoors, you should always protect your skin properly.

What to choose for protection and makeup in one step? A good bb cream!

  • Bb cream: if chosen with an SPF inside, bb cream can become an excellent solution to obtain, in one go, a perfect, uniform and luminous complexion, and at the same time a skin protected from possible damage from exposure to sunrays.


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In this article we have seen the three basic steps of the skincare routine and discovered how few products can be effective for obtaining an excellent result. Always remember: better few but good!

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