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This is how acacia gum reduces wrinkles

Ecco come la gomma d’acacia riduce le rughe

Acacia gum is an ingredient widely used in various sectors, from textiles to food, up to the cosmetics sector. Acacia gum is obtained mainly from two different species of Acacia through a completely natural process. The use of this ingredient by man dates back many years, the ancient Egyptians used it above all for its viscous qualities which made it a perfect glue for papyrus.

Let's find out more about this ingredient and how it is used in cosmetics to actively reduce and combat wrinkles.

What is acacia gum

Acacia gum: this is how it reduces wrinkles

Where can I find products with acacia gum?

What is acacia gum?

This special ingredient is produced from different types of acacia that grow in the tropical area of ​​West Africa. Acacia gum is produced spontaneously by the tree as its natural function is to protect the areas of the tree where the bark has broken, leaving it bare. For this reason, the most profitable trees are the older ones, i.e. those most subject to cracking and drying of the bark. In contact with air, acacia gum is harder and appears in the form of flakes. this is the moment in which it can be collected, processed and used in cosmetic products.

Acacia gum: this is how it reduces wrinkles

Acacia gum has various functions in cosmetics:

given its viscous consistency, this ingredient is often used in the formulation of eyeliner and mascara, but also creams and body lotions. In fact, acacia gum releases a thin rigid layer on the skin which allows it, in the case of creams, to create a tightening effect particularly suitable for combating wrinkles. This film-forming action allows acacia gum to also protect the skin by preventing dehydration. The water will in fact be retained inside the skin, thus being hydrated for longer .

Furthermore, the micropearls that make up acacia gum smooth the most superficial layer of skin, revealing a luminous and uniform complexion.

Finally, acacia gum gives firmness to all types of wrinkles thanks to the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The action of acacia gum is therefore able to compensate for the physiological decline in the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, mainly responsible for the firmness of the skin, linked to advancing age.

The result is younger, brighter looking skin.

Where can I find products with acacia gum?

There are various solutions on the market containing acacia gum, we recommend you try TAKE YOUR TIME , a creamy face mask with lifting complex, acacia gum and other superfoods that guarantee fresh, luminous skin and a visibly reduced appearance of wrinkles.

Perfect for mature and stressed skin, to find a fresh and rested appearance while acquiring extra hours of sleep!

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