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In what order to perform the skincare steps?

In quale ordine eseguire i passaggi della skincare?

On the market there are now all kinds of products for a complete skincare routine. Sometimes, however, these products are too numerous, to the point that often, especially when you are a beginner, being able to understand what actions are really effective and necessary for your skincare routine, it becomes almost impossible. 

In this article, let's clarify and try to answer two fundamental questions for the well-being of your skin:

  1. what are the steps to perform daily in your skincare routine? 
  2. in what order should these steps be carried out to achieve the desired effect? 

From make-up removal, to cleansing and hydration: let's discover all the steps together! 

Step 1: Remove make-up 

The first essential step in your skincare routine is make-up removal, i.e. removing the makeup kept on the skin all day. The first phase of make-up removal can take place through a special micellar lotion, which you can also reuse in the morning to touch up your makeup in case of smudges or imperfections.

We recommend that you try the BIOMA CARE make-up remover lotion (link product) which, with a simple gesture, allows you to remove make-up, impurities, foreign particles and any harmful microorganisms from the skin. It also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, for a complete care of the skin system. 

Step 2: Cleanse

Once the makeup has been eliminated in its predominant component, it is necessary to proceed with a more thorough cleaning. In fact, remember that the first phase of make-up removal, alone, is not enough to get perfectly clean skin. Therefore, you will have to use an oily cleanser, in case of skin tending to dry, or foaming if you need less hydration. Rinsing all the products applied up to this point with plenty of water is really essential for clean skin. 

Remember: this phase is one of the most important in your skincare routine! if the skin is not properly cleansed, applying products on top of it will create a harmful mix for your skin and above all, it will not allow you to achieve that much desired healthy and radiant look.

Phase 3: Tonic 

After cleansing the skin, a step not to be forgotten is the application of a good toner. The latter is very useful in being able to restore the hydrolipidic film which can be altered following cleansing of the skin. Good tonics also work on the pores of the skin, thus giving it a more toned and fresh appearance. 

Phase 4: Eye contour

An often overlooked part of our face is that of the eye area. It is actually a rather sensitive and delicate area, as the skin here is much thinner than that which makes up the rest of the face. Taking care of this area properly, every day, is essential to obtain a fresh, luminous and free from dark circles look, also preventing the appearance of fine lines. 

Applying the moisturizer also as an eye contour is a very common mistake, given the specificity of this area of the face, in fact, it is always necessary to use a targeted product. 

Step 5: Hydration 

The daily routine ends with a final phase of skin hydration. If we are talking about morning skincare, a light but moisturizing cream is what is generally needed; if we refer to an evening skincare, the cream can be even more full-bodied and nourishing. 

The day cream DAY BIOME it is perfect to use in the morning as a base before proceeding with daily make-up. It works by counteracting expression lines and free radicals.

The night cream NIGHT BIOME DETOX it is perfect for nourishing the skin during the night's rest, ideal immediately after cleansing. 

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