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Serum before or after the cream?

Siero prima o dopo la crema?

Whey is a product that is becoming popular. More and more people are choosing to include it in their skincare routine. On social media, the audience of influencers who use and recommend them is always growing. The reason for its success is simple: it is a truly portentous type of product. 

Let's find out more about this miracle product and how it works on the skin to ensure amazing results. 

When to apply the serum?

The serum should always be applied immediately after cleansing and before moisturizing. The serum has a higher concentration of active ingredients and the latter are somehow fixed by the moisturizer which must always be applied as an immediate next step. 

The serums are real targeted treatments which, given the high concentrations of active ingredients contained within them, must be stored in specific packaging. The particular and concentrated formulations of the serums make it extremely easy to deteriorate. it is precisely for this reason therefore that the pack of serums is usually made of glass and of a dark color, thus facilitating the preservation of the product.   

Even the eye contour, which often does not know when to apply, should only be applied after applying the serum. 

In summary, therefore, we can say that the order in which to apply the products for the face is as follows: 



3.Eye contour 

4. Moisturizer 

5. Possible bb cream or foundation (if we are doing the morning skincare routine) 

Why apply the serum? 

The serums have specific functions based on the active ingredients contained within them. In fact, there are active ingredients and formulations designed to combat specific imperfections.

Serums with vitamin C, for example, allow you to illuminate the complexion, giving the face a fresher and more radiant appearance. 

The serums containing salicylic acid allow instead to go to smooth the skin texture and counteract skin imperfections. They are therefore perfect for fighting acne-prone skin and preventing the appearance of skin imperfections. 

In summary we can say that:

  1. The serum plays a fundamental role in enhancing the action of the moisturizer.
  2. On the market there are serums of all kinds, just look at your skin and understand which type of product could be more suitable for your needs.


The more secret seriously                                                   

A few more small tips for applying the serum:

  • Always apply a small amount of product: knowing the effectiveness of the serum, it is often tempting to spread an excessive amount of serum on the face, hoping to speed up the results. In fact, given the high concentrations of active ingredients contained within each serum, the application of an excessive amount of product could even lead to the opposite effect, namely the appearance of pimples and imperfections due to skin irritation. 

  • Do you suffer from dry skin? Do you have particularly noticeable facial wrinkles? If you apply a veil of bb cream or foundation every morning and want to expand its moisturizing power, then you can choose to combine one or two drops of your moisturizing serum with the smoothing product you use. The result will be an extremely simpler application and long-lasting hydration!

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