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Skincare: social tricks NOT to follow

Skincare: trucchetti social da NON seguire

Social media are very useful platforms, not only because they allow us to stay in touch with the people we love or meet new ones, but also because they are an inexhaustible source of information. In fact, on social networks we find tips, suggestions, interesting ideas and tutorials to learn how to do things we never thought we could do. 

However, not all the information and tutorials that are disseminated on social networks are reliable and above all… safe! In fact, false information and beauty tips circulate online that are not only not very useful but even dangerous! 

In this article we reveal 4 social tricks that have taken hold on the web but that should never be imitated. Read this article to make sure none of the viral tricks you plan to try on your skin or hair are on this list! 

Alcohol or toothpaste on pimples 

As we all know, alcohol has the ability to disinfect. Therefore, at first glance it may seem like an excellent solution to counteract pimples and impurities caused by poor or lack of cleansing of the face. In other words, the "cleaning" effect is somehow guaranteed but what is easily forgotten is the risk of skin irritation. Alcohol is in fact particularly aggressive and, especially if you suffer from sensitive or delicate skin, the risk of causing skin irritation is just around the corner. 

However, even the toothpaste is too aggressive. In fact, it can cause burning and redness. 

Glue to get rid of blackheads 

A few years ago the black face mask was particularly talked about. In the wake of this type of product, some online users have thought of reproducing its effect by exploiting something that is easy to find .... glue! 

However, putting glue on the face is very dangerous, it could cause burns or, at best, clog the pores. 

Lemon for the armpits 

Place a slice of lemon on your armpits instead of deodorant to remove bad odors and fight the bacteria that cause them. This inexpensive solution to use instead of deodorant is however quite dangerous. Skin irritation and blisters may form. 

Curls with the radiator 

Having become famous on Tik Tok, this trick is not only extremely uncomfortable to put into practice, but is also extremely damaging to the hair. The "trick" consists in wrapping a lock of hair (long enough) around the cylinders of the radiator to be able to heat it and obtain a wavy style. The problem, however, is that on the one hand this technique can also be dangerous for the face due to the proximity of the face to a heat source, on the other hand the health of the hair will also suffer since, unlike the straighteners, the heaters are not made of special materials that allow you to heat the hair without burning it. 

These are just some of the dangerous and harmful advice that can be put into practice. In reality, there are also many others to keep your distance from. Learning to distinguish useful advice from potentially harmful ones is very important not only for one's beauty but above all for one's health!

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