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Facial serum: what is it for?

Siero viso: a cosa serve?

The serum is distinguished from the day cream by the presence of active ingredients in higher concentrations. This peculiarity makes the serum an excellent ally to boost your skincare. Whether it's hydration or a matte effect, the serum is always an excellent beauty ally that can help achieve excellent results through a simple daily application. If you are taking your first steps into the world of skincare, to recognize a serum you will need to observe its consistency, it is in fact usually more liquid than that of a normal face cream.

When to start using it?

Unlike what you might imagine, the serum, like other skincare products, should not be chosen based on our age but on the basis of your skin type. Each serum is in fact designed and formulated based on the specific results you want to achieve: hydration boost, mattifying, illuminating, etc.

In summary we can therefore say that it is never too early or too late to use serums, the important thing is that they are suitable for your skin type. Observing your skin throughout the day is an excellent strategy to be able to identify your type and consequently choose the most suitable serum for you.

Which serum to choose?

The serum, just like the face cream, should be chosen based on your skin type.

Choosing a serum that is not suited to your needs could even prove counterproductive as it could cause the appearance of signs of irritation (think for example of the classic white bubbles).

Each skin type requires a specific serum capable of giving it a particular effect:

  • in case of dry skin it is recommended to opt for a rich and nourishing serum based for example on hyaluronic acid

  • in the case of oily or combination skin, it is better to opt for a serum with aloe vera with a mattifying, mattifying effect, which therefore counteracts excessive sebum production.

  • In case of dull skin you can instead opt for a serum based on vitamin C

How to include it in your skincare routine?

Including it in your skincare routine is a wise choice to take your skincare to the next level. The important thing is to adapt your beauty routine to the specific characteristics of each product: always read carefully whether it is possible to expose yourself to the sun after use and how many times a day it can be used. In fact, based on the concentration of the active ingredient present within it, each product can be used with a certain frequency.

Multiple serums at the same time?

Each serum performs a specific function, therefore it is only necessary to choose an effective combination of serums, that is, a couple of products that do not conflict with each other but which simply perform different functions, such as the combination of hydrating serum and illuminating serum.

The extra secret seriously

Have you ever noticed that serums are generally more expensive? This happens because the serum, in addition to having a large concentration of active ingredients, requires a package usually made of glass and its active ingredients require particular conservation processes as they tend to deteriorate very quickly.

We have answered the main questions about serums, in this article you can find more information on this truly prodigious type of product.

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