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Anti-shine skincare

Skincare anti-lucidità

This summer let everything shine except your skin! Summer is loved by many because of its warmer and longer days. However, it is also a difficult season for our skin. That's why we want to share our anti-clarity secrets with you today. 

But before you know the secrets to avoiding shiny skin, remember that it is important to follow a skincare routine. One of the main problems of the summer is in fact represented by maintaining a good skincare routine: we go out more, take trips and even our schedules change. However, remember that having a routine is essential for healthy skin. 

Let's now move on to the four steps of the routine that cannot be missed to combat shiny skin. 

Cleanse the skin

A key step in an anti-shine routine is cleaning. Facial cleansing is essential, we recommend doing it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before going to sleep (it is essential not to go to sleep with makeup on your face). 

Remember: excessive skin cleaning can also be a mistake as it could cause excessive sebum production. Never exceed the limit of three cleansers per day. 

Moisturizes the skin

Many people, when summer arrives, stop applying moisturizer because they feel they no longer need it due to the humidity of the environment. A serious mistake. In fact, fat does not correspond to water, a skin that shines is not a hydrated skin. So remember to keep your skin moisturized after cleaning it thoroughly. 

Use sunscreen

Another fundamental step, especially in summer (but remember to do it all year round) is to apply sunscreen on the face. This is not only to protect the skin from the sun's rays, but also to protect it from imperfections that oily skin 

often carries with him. We recommend that you choose a light sunscreen (with at least SPF 30) for your skin.

Exfoliate your face

In the summer, in general, we tend to spend more time outside the home. But summer is also the time when most people travel and the favorite destination for these trips is the beach. This not only means a nice tan, but also increased exposure to sand and other external elements. 

Therefore, it becomes important to exfoliate the face to remove the impurities that the environment carries on our face, which will allow our pores to be cleaner and also eliminate excess sebum. Do this once or twice a week and preferably before bedtime. 

Summer is the perfect time to pamper yourself and take a break from our everyday life, but don't forget that taking care of your skin is also pampering yourself. Take advantage not only of a beautiful tan, but also of the possibility for our skin to be cleaner, free from excesses of lucidity.


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