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Hair removal and skincare: all the secrets for perfect skin

Depilazione e skincare: tutti i segreti per una pelle perfetta

The heat of summer is felt, so it's time to think about summer waxing too. To all those who decide to wax, here are the tips for the before, during and after, to have a healthy skin!

Hair removal method

Before starting hair removal, you need to choose a method. There are four methods, each with its pros and cons, it all depends on how much money you want and the time you want to invest. There is the wax, the rake, the laser, the hair removal creams and the electric machine. Just remember that regardless of the method, it is important to choose a suitable product, a good razor or a good wax, etc. To always have healthy skin, choose only the best for yourself! 

Before hair removal 

It is advisable to exfoliate the skin a few days before proceeding with the waxing, in this way you will avoid the appearance of ingrown hair. In addition, we recommend that you shower first, regardless of which method you decide to use: the shower helps to open the pores and relax the skin. Also, taking a shower before waxing is important to have clean skin: with oily skin, no method will work, much less waxing. An additional tip is to let the hair grow a little to make it more effective.

During hair removal 

Remember that no matter which method you choose, you must always pluck the hair in the opposite direction to that of its growth because, with this simple technique, you will see that the hairs will be removed more easily and it will take longer for them to appear again. Also, if you decide to use the razor, always combine it with gel or hair removal foam as the soap can overdry the skin.

After hair removal 

The most important thing after finishing waxing is to moisturize the skin well. You can use your favorite moisturizer (preferably without perfume) or aloe vera.

Additional tips

  • Remember not to sunbathe immediately before or after waxing, this will cause excessive irritation to the skin. Perhaps for the summer, booking it in the evening is a good option.

  • Remember not to wax too often. First, because if the hairs are very short, no method will work; second why the skin needs to rest. Although there are products that promise to remove even the smallest hairs, it's best to let them grow a little bit and give the skin a break so it heals before you stress it out further.

  • Do not apply deodorant immediately after waxing, especially if you are using a spray deodorant. Wait a while to apply it and thus avoid itching.

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