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Skincare and aesthetic medicine

Skincare e medicina estetica

People who resort to aesthetic medicine every day are more and more numerous. Retouching of all kinds is increasingly appreciated by people of all ages. Before you get to choose these "extreme" remedies, or as an alternative to them, you can actually take a different path. 

The skincare sector has in fact made real leaps and bounds. The best brands contain some ingredients coming directly from the aesthetic medicine sector, allowing "simple" creams that you apply at home, to replicate an effect similar to what you would get through a few pricks. 

In this article we find out which ingredients these are and how they manage to transform our skin in a simple way and with a guaranteed natural effect.


Esapeptide 8 

Peptides are those little "bricks" that make up proteins. The latter, in turn, constitute, among other things, also skin and hair. peptides are generally used in aesthetic medicine to fill and smooth out fine lines between eyebrows or crow's feet. 

In cosmetics, and therefore in day and night creams, peptides are used to recreate this filling and relaxing effect. These are creams more and more often referred to as "botulinum". This name derives from the type of action that this type of hexapeptide carries out, mimicking the functioning mechanism of Botox. 

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Vitamin E

Not only vitamin E, but also other vitamins with positive effects on the skin, are used in aesthetic medicine for simple injections that give the skin a fresher, younger and healthier appearance. 

In particular, vitamin E is also used in cosmetic formulations for its effective action against free radicals and its firming and restructuring action. 

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Glycyrrhetic acid 

Another ingredient widely used in aesthetic medicine, but less well known, is glycyrrhetic acid. It is an ingredient that is extracted from licorice and that can be used with various benefits on our body. 

In particular in aesthetic medicine, and in cosmetic formulations that are inspired by the ingredients used in this sector, it is used for its preventive action towards the formation of free radicals (therefore with the consequent slowdown of premature skin aging), for its antiseptic action and soothing 

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Hyalonic acid 

The most famous of all the ingredients used in cosmetic touch-ups by the surgeon is certainly hyaluronic acid. 

This special ingredient is used to restore volume to some areas of the face most affected by the passage of time. 

How do you manage to achieve this? plumped skin is possible thanks to the very characteristics of the ingredient: viscous and plastic as it is, it manages to rebuild a structure that allows the skin to remain compact and preserves its hydration, tone and elasticity. 

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These were the main ingredients that some brands, including Concilium, provide within their products, coming directly from aesthetic medicine, to ensure absolute effectiveness. The result of applying a product is also amplified by the combination with other ingredients present in the formulations. Here are some ingredients that amplify the mechanisms of action described so far and present in Concilium products: 

  • Allantoin 

  • Aloe vera 

  • Allantoin 

  • Charcoal 

  • Vegetable oils

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