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Skincare routine and fall

Skincare routine e autunno

With summer behind us, we are now looking towards the cold season. Dealing with the transition from the hottest to the coldest season correctly means taking proper care of your skin even in the middle season: autumn. The latter must be faced with the awareness that there are products and treatments that can be taken back into hand after a long summer break, and at the same time the need to maintain some good habits from the summer.

Let's find out more about skincare in the fall.



Autumn is the right season to resume exfoliating treatments. In fact, skin exfoliation can lead to photosensitivity, depending on the type of product used and its ingredients. Therefore in summer, when you are more exposed to sunlight, it is not recommended to proceed with this type of treatment. At the same time, however, it is a real pampering for the skin that literally allows it to be reborn. In fact, through exfoliation it is possible to remove dead cells present on the skin, promoting cell turnover. The result will be a fresh and radiant complexion.


Doing this type of treatment after the summer is very useful for getting rid of the sun spots that may have formed during the summer if you have been exposed to the sun for too long.



Hydration must always be sought, in every period of the year. However, while in the summer we have opted for light textures and delicate formulations, in the autumn we can start applying some more nourishing creams. In fact, with the cold it happens that our skin produces less lipids and its protective barrier is less resistant. It is therefore necessary to remedy with richer and more nutritious creams and formulations.

Preparing the skin with this type of product will allow you not to suffer from skin redness and excessive dryness of the skin due to cold temperatures. Wind is also a factor that largely contributes to drying the skin and therefore it is essential to always protect yourself from these environmental factors through the use of moisturizing products that go to preserve the natural skin barrier.

In case of particularly dry skin during the coldest period, you can opt for the use of oils. In fact, the oil creates a hydrolipidic film that allows the cells to retain the water inside for longer, preventing dehydration and dryness of the areas most at risk of the face.


The right treatment with face masks

Face masks are a type of product already well known and loved by beauty addicts. The advantage of face masks is that they allow you to achieve great results in a very short time. Moreover, there are different ones for every need and with specific ingredients for the problems that are being treated.

It should be remembered that in choosing the right face mask, not only the period of the year affects, but also and above all the way in which your skin reacts to the change in temperature in this specific case. In fact, we must think that the products are not formulated according to the seasons, but according to the different needs of the skin. Therefore, if your skin tends to dry out a lot when you approach the coldest period and needs a boost of hydration, then such a concentrated product may be for you. 

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