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Compact face creams: how do they work?

Creme viso che compattano: come funzionano?

As we age, our skin can undergo some sagging due to a reduction in the production of hyaluronic acid. The result is the appearance of several fine lines especially in the most sensitive areas. To find out how the creams that compact the skin work and give it a lifting effect, it is necessary to start from the consideration that there may be two different needs more specifically

Which product to choose for more elastic skin 

For a more elastic skin we must, before anything else, try to hydrate it. Hydration is in fact the key not only to prevent the formation of fine lines, but also to attenuate their appearance. A nourishing, highly moisturizing cream allows you to take care of your skin especially in the most sensitive areas. By applying a cream of this type consistently, you will notice greater elasticity and greater tone in the skin. 

Any good quality moisturizer can in this case be helpful in maintaining an optimal level of hydration. 

In addition to our day cream and night cream, even the make-up removal solutions should always contain some moisturizing ingredients capable of preventing the cleaning part of the composition from being too aggressive and therefore also containing a moisturizing component that goes to restore the hydro-lipid film of the skin. 

Which product to choose for a firmer skin, lifting effect 

If you are looking for a product that acts on the skin making it smoother and more compact, the answer are products with a filling effect. This type of product makes it possible to fill in all the furrows that appear on the skin with the passing of age. 

In these cases it is therefore necessary to choose a product containing ingredients capable of acting with a filling effect. 

Our Day biome contains esapeptide 8, a molecule capable of mimicking the action of botulinum toxin. Just like Botox, this special ingredient works by recreating a pleasant tightening effect that stretches the skin of the face, relaxing the skin wrinkles and acting by filling the points that are most "empty". 

A great help can come, in this sense, from the creams that act by going to regenerate the skin. Our Night Biome Detox, for example, is a face cream with a repairing and antioxidant action that every evening, during the night's rest, stimulates cell regeneration, restoring an optimal state of skin well-being. 

Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient particularly used in cosmetic formulations that guarantee the skin a lifting effect. Hyaluronic acid is in fact a connective ingredient that allows you to restore the tone and firmness of the skin. 

Other redensifying ingredients are for example vitamin C and vegetable oils. These ingredients are in fact widely present in the products of the Concilium basic line. The oils contained in both the day cream, Day Biome, and in the night cream, Night Biome Detox, are perfect for guaranteeing on the one hand all the hydration that the skin needs every day, morning and evening, and at the same time the effect redensifying for the firmness of the skin. 


In summary, to ensure optimal results in the prevention and maintenance of toned and compact skin, the first thing to do is to search for ingredients that are in line with what is desired. Among these ingredients, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vegetable oils and hexapeptide 8 are absolutely to be preferred. All ingredients that you can find in Concilium products!

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