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5 tricks for perfect skin

5 trucchetti per una pelle perfetta

How do you go about having perfect skin? Are there more or less daily gestures that help us keep it smooth, smooth, plumped up and free of impurities? The answer is yes! In this article we reveal some simple tricks that will help you to significantly improve your skin or simply keep it… .perfect!

SPF 30 cream when needed

Even if the sun is not visible, it does not mean that it is not there. Ultraviolet rays are potentially harmful to the skin, so whenever you find yourself having to spend time outside the home, you should wear protection from these rays. There are now many creams on the market that have an SPF factor capable of guaranteeing protection from direct or indirect rays.

In the absence of a product of this type, the risk is that of premature skin aging and the appearance of spots which then require great effort to be eliminated.

But be careful: wearing a UVA-UVB filter if you spend the day indoors is of no use. We use this type of product when we spend hours outdoors where the risk of exposure to rays is high.

Don't forget the exfoliation 

Exfoliation consists in the removal of dead cells found on the most superficial layer of our skin. This type of treatment allows the “younger” layer of skin to be brought to light. From the first time you perform the scrub, you will notice an improvement in the brightness of the skin and its texture; the skin will immediately appear smoother and smoother to the eye and to the touch; any spots or skin discolorations will appear attenuated and the complexion younger and fresher.  

This "cleansing" is therefore a real cure-all for the skin and for this reason it should be done about once a week, with differences based on the type of exfoliation we are going to perform (chemical or mechanical).


Water is synonymous with hydration. However, the water that makes up our skin tends to evaporate due to environmental factors. If our skin loses water, consequently it also loses its elasticity, softness and firmness. For this reason, it is necessary every day to apply a product that guarantees the supply of water necessary for our skin to remain plumped.

But not only that, moisturizers also guarantee the creation of a sort of barrier which, in addition to preventing the water from evaporating easily, protects it from potentially harmful external factors such as smog, cold or heat.

If the skin is not adequately hydrated, it is also more prone to "breakage" and therefore to the formation of fine lines and various signs of loss of elasticity. For this reason, external hydration, through creams, is essential to keep the epidermis intact.



Thorough cleansing 

Having perfect skin means first of all having skin free of impurities. However, this is only possible through proper daily cleansing.

A type of cleansing that has recently been receiving a lot of credit from those who try it is called double cleansing. The latter consists in the use, in this skincare phase, of two types of products: one with an oil base and one with a foaming base. The first type of product is used to dissolve makeup and capture impurities that have accumulated on our skin during the day (smog, sweat and so on); the second foaming-based product, on the other hand, is used to remove the oils that have been useful for capturing impurities but which in turn must be eliminated in order not to risk settling and giving rise to new impurities.

Regardless of the technique you prefer to use to cleanse your skin, what is important is to pay adequate attention to this step to perform a thorough daily cleaning. This type of activity is in fact the basis for always perfect skin.


Balanced diet

As mentioned above, water is really essential for skin hydration. Its hiring must not only come from the outside but also, and above all, from the inside. Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day is essential for our whole body and also for our skin.

Furthermore, we must also pay attention to the foods we eat: a balanced diet will ensure that we do not lack any nutrients and even our skin will thank you.


Among the foods that help the skin stay perfect we find salmon, red fruits, eggs and nuts.

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