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Skincare is the set of activities that can be carried out daily for the improvement and maintenance of the skin at an aesthetic level. It is a set of actions that have been brought to the fore with great success by major brands and influencers. The reason for the explosion, in a positive sense, of this phenomenon is to be found in the need to take a moment all to yourself during the day. Frantic lifestyles and stressful commitments have now become the order of the day. Despite this, however, it is important to remember every day to take a few moments to take care of yourself. Skincare is therefore not only the application of different products to the skin, but over time it has also acquired a deeper meaning that goes beyond the superficiality attached to the term.



The steps for the success of a good skincare change according to the moment of the day we take into consideration.

Morning routine  

The morning skincare routine can be summarized in three steps:

  1. Gentle cleansing: in the morning, to prepare our skin to face the day, it is necessary to cleanse it delicately. In fact, during the night, despite the skincare done the previous evening, various types of dust and dirt will have accumulated. For this reason it is important to proceed with a cleaning, even if delicate, made with not very aggressive products.
  2. Hydration: after cleaning the skin, it's time to hydrate it with a LIGHT cream that absorbs quickly, allowing us to proceed with the makeup if necessary, without having to wait a long time. At the same time, however, in this way, we will guarantee an optimal level of hydration throughout the day.

      3. Protection: if we are preparing to spend hours away from home, and especially outdoors, it is important to apply a product that protects against smog and UVA - UVB rays. Many bb creams and foundations on the market today, in addition to coverage and improvement of the complexion, also guarantee this type of protection.


Evening routine

  1. Thorough cleansing: in the evening it is time to pay particular attention to this very important step. In fact, cleansing the skin thoroughly is essential to avoid waking up the following day with pimples or other impurities. It is important to always choose detergents in line with your skin type, so that they do not dry it excessively or even cover it with oily products. Also paying attention to the towel with which you go to pat the skin is essential: it should always be clean and delicate
  2. mask: what better time of the day to take care of yourself with an extra cuddle than in the evening? With well-cleansed skin, the time has come to apply a targeted action mask based on your specific needs of the day: hydration, pore refinement, mattifying and so on
  3. hydration: serum, cream and eye contour: a very important last phase of the evening skincare routine is that of hydration. It is important to apply a serum specific to your needs every evening and to follow a moisturizing and nourishing cream with an eye contour that moisturizes even the most delicate area of the face.


As we have seen, the right moments to do skincare are two: in the morning and in the evening. To see real and satisfying results, one should remain fairly constant in carrying out these activities, learning however to experience them as moments of relaxation and full care towards oneself. Adopting these routines will therefore be good not only for your skin but also for your mood.

Skincare comes to our aid even in the most difficult days to try to recover and relax. It can also be done by applying more products during free moments of the day, think for example of a rainy Sunday morning.

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