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Tanning: all the myths to dispel

Abbronzatura: tutti i miti da sfatare

Everyone would like a healthy and golden complexion but there are still too many myths about the sun and tanning to dispel! Let's find out together!

In 2021 there are still many myths and legends regarding the sun and tanning: care must be taken, however, because some of these increase the risks regarding skin health.

Let's see what they are together!

With high protection I do not tan

This is certainly the most widespread myth about tanning and probably the most dangerous of all.

It is in fact common to believe that high protection blocks the sun's rays and thus does not allow tanning: there is nothing more false.

You have to choose the sunscreen only according to the needs of your body and your skin: using the right protections then you can tan in a more intense and lasting way, avoiding sunburn!

The protection 30 is so called because it must be put on every 30 minutes

Due to the widespread diffusion of this absurd myth about tanning, it seems important to us to point out that it is madness.

The sun protection factor is a number, combined with cosmetics containing sunscreens, which refers to the protection intensity of the cream and its ability to protect from the sun's rays.

In particular, if a sunscreen cream or other cosmetic has a factor of 30, it means that it allows no more than ⅓ of the sun's rays to pass.

It is therefore evident that the number accompanying a sunscreen cosmetic does not in any way affect the duration of action of the cream.

You have to prepare for a tan with lamps


Another rather widespread myth, but totally false, consists in thinking that, before being exposed to sunlight, the skin must be somehow prepared through the use of lamps.


The lamps, however, do not constitute a factor of protection from the sun's rays at all, on the contrary they constitute a greater problem for the skin.

In fact, with repeated exposure, the skin becomes thicker and ages much faster.


You don't get burned in the water

Last but not least, let's debunk the popular belief that sea water protects against sunburn.


The sun's rays filter everywhere: the water reflects them, making them even more dangerous.


For this reason, we must be very careful when in the water, especially on the shoulders, back and face, which are the areas of the body most prone to burns.


The cloudy sky does not tan

Same story, different element.

It is common belief to think that clouds block the passage of the sun's rays but it is absolutely not true, quite the contrary!

In fact, most of the ultraviolet rays filter right through the clouds: it is very important to protect yourself with a sunscreen even during the most cloudy days because not only can you tan, but also burn yourself!

It is therefore important to be properly informed about the dangers that occur after long exposure to the sun


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