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Dull complexion? Never again! That's how

Colorito spento? Mai più! Ecco come

In winter we usually move from very cold, outdoors, to closed and heated places. These changes in temperature can put a lot of stress on the skin, which in combination with other aggressive factors such as wind or smog, could turn off the complexion of our complexion. 

How can we prevent this from happening? In this article we find out how to fight the much hated dull complexion.

Vitamin C-based products to counteract a dull complexion

Vitamin C is the active ingredient par excellence used in creams and other cosmetic products to awaken dull skin and energize the complexion.Thanks to its antioxidant action, it also counteracts the first signs of aging and helps maintain fresh and healthy. 

For all these reasons, vitamin C is the perfect ally for those looking for a young and awake-looking skin.  

Hydration and protection 

To counteract the effect of gray and dull skin, it is important to guarantee it all the protection it needs daily. Inside the cream that we are going to apply daily on our skin, after cleansing, there must always be an SPF protection factor that guarantees the creation of a protective barreira from all those external agents that, as mentioned above, can be rather stressful on the skin. our skin. 

Clean skin for a radiant effect 

When our skin is clean, looking in the mirror we see ourselves much more shaved. This is why eliminating all traces of make-up and smog daily with proper cleansing is essential to obtain a luminous complexion.

For a clean skin it is necessary to cleanse it every evening with special products and apply a tonic with an astringent action on the pores. In this way, we will prevent the smog particles in the air from settling on the skin and, by obstructing its pores, in addition to giving it a pale color, they also create imperfections. 

Read this article to learn more about the topic: 3 rules for a correct facial cleansing 

Mobile phone replacement 

To achieve a radiant complexion, it is important that our facial cells are continuously stimulated to ensure cell turnover. In fact, when we let the dead cells remain on our skin for a long time, it acquires a dull complexion. Contrary to what one might imagine, exfoliating the skin in winter is therefore very important. Not only mechanical exfoliation, but also a light peeling to be carried out with special creams, such as those that act during the night rest, can be useful to see a change in the texture of the skin and its color.

… .Play with make up! 

Finally, an extra touch for a skin with a wow effect can be given by the highlighter. There are different types on the market, from liquid to powder, but all with a single purpose: to transform dull and boring skin into a luminous and healthy complexion. If the highlighter can scare someone, then you can also opt for a more radiant base by choosing, for example, a foundation or bb cream with a perfecting effect on the skin, smoothing and indeed ... bright. 

In short, make-up can be a valid ally to complete the work which, however, it is important to remember, always starts from the care of its canvas, that is our skin. 

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