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Relaxing shower: discover the calming power of saffron

Doccia rilassante: scopri il potere calmante dello zafferano

There are those who like to do it first thing in the morning when they wake up or in the evening, before going to bed. Regardless of your preference, however, one thing is certain, the shower is always a relaxing moment, capable of regenerating us and giving us new strength and vitality. But how can you turn the shower into an even more relaxing experience? Saffron is a perfect ingredient to add into our daily ritual, thanks to its highly calming power. But not only that, in this article we discover all the tricks that will allow you to transform your daily shower into a real moment of relaxation all for you!

1.Flowers and plants

Did you know that green has a very strong calming power on the mind? A winning idea for your shower, therefore, is to surround it with scented plants and flowers. In this way the sensation you will have will be that of taking a shower completely immersed in nature. Online you can find various interesting solutions which, based on the space available, will help you transform your shower into a "natural" space, fully exploiting its calming and relaxing power.


The inevitable touch of class for a welcoming bathtub or shower is the placement of several candles. The latter will allow you to make good use of two important characteristics for your well-being: on the one hand the soft light is able to create a particularly relaxing intimate environment, on the other hand the scent given off by the candles will also stimulate the sense of smell , making the shower a real sensorial experience that is extremely pleasant and relaxing.

3.Chromotherapy at home

Have you ever heard of chromotherapy? The latter uses colors, especially blue, green or purple, to create a particularly relaxing environment, perfect for calming the mind after a long day at work.

How to recreate this magnificent Spa effect in your own shower too? There are now different types of shower heads on the market that allow you to reproduce beautiful colored lights with the ability to calm the mind

4.Skincare and other treatments

Just a simple shower? If, in addition to cleansing your skin, you are looking for a real ritual that helps you calm your mind and relax your muscles, remember to bring your favorite body and face treatments with you into the shower. Skincare can only help you relax thanks to some extra pampering: smoothing scrub all over the body, hydrating face mask, specific facial cleanser and so on. Guaranteed spa effect!

5.Use saffron-based products

The last tip for transforming the shower moment into a real well-being ritual is a real unmissable gem. Did you know that saffron has enormous calming power on the mind? Several studies have demonstrated this incredible ability of saffron. In particular, its effectiveness concerns the ability to help manage stress and promote normal psychological functions.

Therefore, even if in a light and delicate way, wearing saffron-based products in the shower could prove to be a real cure-all for the mind and body with a guaranteed regenerative effect!

Bio Magic Bubble

Bio Magic bubble is our bubble bath with hydrating properties that guarantee soft and velvety skin. Furthermore, the natural saffron extract contained within it not only guarantees effective cellular turnover and a wonderful antioxidant action, but also offers a pleasant calming and relaxing experience for body and mind.

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