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Skin exfoliation: what it is and how to do it

Esfoliazione pelle: cos’è e come si fa

Exfoliation is a mechanism that consists in the removal of the most superficial layers of the skin. This process is very useful to ensure that cell renewal can be stimulated on both sides, to ensure that all dead cells, excess sebum, dirt and smog that accumulates in the pores during the during the day, it does not remain deposited there to favor the appearance of impurities such as pimples and blackheads. 

At the end of the exfoliation process, the skin is immediately brighter to the eye and smoother and softer to the touch. 

But how is exfoliation performed? with which products can it be carried out? 

Exfoliation: which products to choose? 

To carry out the exfoliation, you can choose between two different types of products. The two most famous types of exfoliation are mechanical and chemical. Different products are needed for each type of exfoliation. Below we see the two most famous that are used to perform exfoliation:

scrub: the scrub allows you to perform a type of mechanical exfoliation. Its consistency is generally in cream or gel and inside there are microgranules that allow the removal of dead cells. It is generally applied by massaging the moistened skin for a few seconds. The most important thing to remember when performing this type of exfoliation is choosing a gentle product that won't irritate the skin. In fact, there are particularly aggressive scrubs that excessively dry the skin.

peeling: peeling is a type of exfoliation that allows the removal of dead cells through a product that generally contains an acid. The most known and widespread acids currently in cosmetics are glycyrrhetic acid and salicylic acid. These acids have the ability to “peel” the skin (as the name itself indicates) bringing to light the younger and more beautiful layer. 

Chemical exfoliation requires more attention as generally you have to proceed step by step in order to allow the skin time to adapt to the product and above all you have to pay close attention to the ingredients contained within the product you are going to use as these are very often the latter do not allow exposure to the sun in the hours immediately following the treatment. 

Exfoliation: how it's done 

To perform the exfoliation in the best possible way, you need to follow a few simple steps: 

  1. cleanse the skin: before proceeding with the application of any product to the skin, it is essential to be sure that the latter is well cleansed. 
  2. Apply the product to the skin and massage 
  3. Rinse with lukewarm water on the basis of the directions for use indicated on the product itself
  4. Dab with a towel, never rub. The skin may in fact become further red 
  5. Don't forget the moisturizer. At this point, the very last step to be respected is the application of the moisturizer to restore the skin's optimal level of hydration and prevent it from drying out excessively

Exfoliation: when to do it? 

The frequency with which exfoliation can be performed depends first of all on your skin type. The risk of excessive exfoliation is the appearance of redness, irritation and increased sensitivity to the products that are normally used. 

dry skin: should never be done more than once a week 

combination or oily skin: based on the level of oiliness of the skin, it will be necessary to proceed with exfoliation a couple of times a week

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