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How to eliminate stretch marks and loss of tone with ivy

Come eliminare smagliature e perdita di tono con l’edera

Not only an excellent idea for beautifying houses, walls and gardens, but also an extraordinary ally against stretch marks: ivy. Thanks to its wonderful properties, ivy has long been used to combat skin blemishes linked to cellulite and loss of skin tone and elasticity.

Let's find out more about this magical plant and how it can be used to eliminate or reduce stretch marks.

Why do stretch marks appear?

Ivy: main characteristics

How to eliminate stretch marks with ivy

Why do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks look like scars: at first they take on a reddish color and then become more white. Stretch marks are caused by excessive stretching of the skin, followed by sagging. The phenomena that lead to the creation of stretch marks are the most varied, often involving pregnancy or sudden changes in weight. The places where stretch marks appear most easily are breasts, abdomen and buttocks.

So how can we prevent the formation of stretch marks or mitigate their blemishes as much as possible?

The general rule is to keep the skin perfectly hydrated through the daily application of creams and other hydrating solutions. Hydration of the skin that covers the body is in fact, as in the case of facial skin, an excellent deterrent to the appearance of wrinkles and other skin blemishes.

Ivy: main characteristics

Ivy is particularly famous and recognizable for its ability to grow on walls, houses and walls. An excellent plant for the winter period, ivy grows both near woods found in marine areas and in mountainous areas, up to 1500 meters high.

Inside ivy there are various active ingredients that can be used to counteract loss of tone and elasticity of the skin, among these are: caffeic acid, saponite, flavonoids and many others.

How to eliminate stretch marks with ivy

There are different types of ivy, over 15 varieties of the same. The best known and most used in the world of cosmetics is hedera helix. This particular variety of ivy is rich in active ingredients. The active substances contained in ivy can even be irritating to the skin as soon as the leaves are collected. In fact, before you can use ivy leaves, you need to let them dry for a few days.

There are various ivy-based solutions on the market, capable of counteracting the loss of tone and elasticity of the skin. We at Concilium offer you a comfortable and effective solution, in the form of a practical leggings format.

Active Pants are leggings containing various active ingredients, among these there is also ivy extract, combined with coral algae extract and betaine.

Find out more about the comfort of leggings combined with the effectiveness of a real treatment like the one you get at the beautician!

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